Vladimir is a Russian fox involved with the Fox Junta and the leader of the Russian Faction


He was named after Vladimir Putin and Vladimir Lenin


Like most generals in the Junta such as Alberto he has blood red fur which matches the colour of the Soviet flag which also leads him to be called a Soviet. He also has a hammer and sickle mark on his arm but what this mark is is not clear. In his first appearance he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears Soviet style military clothing in general but in Argentina he wears a brown-grey three piece suit.


Interestingly enough Vladimir shares a lot in common with the German general Heinrich which is interesting as Germany and Russia were enemies during World War II but became allies with East Germany until 1989. He is a strong leader but he has a short temper especially towards prisoners for interrogation however he manages to control his temper around others. He is also shown to be a wise character almost like a mentor to the younger Leopoldo at first saying "A soldier never leaves a man behind" however by the time of the Anthro Saga the fox is much more wiser.

Despite him being like a true leader he treats his allies and the other generals like comrades and often like a communist, he also shares a friendship with Leonid's wife Viktoria. He also shares friendships with the other members of the Junta as well as their allies the Animalian Patriotic Front as well as other "Eastern Bloc animals" unlike Leonid Vladimir is relatively good with the Junta babies as in he does not scare them as much.