Viktoria is a Russian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Leonid, left hand man to Vladimir.


She was named after the wife of Leonid Brezhnev Viktoria Brezhneva which is a similar situation with Nicolae and Elena.


Whilst the other generals are red Viktoria has light blue fur with a white muzzle and underbelly with brown eyes.But her fur is so lightly coloured it makes her look like she is an artic fox earning her the nickname of "Arctia". She also has white paws and half white legs the top half being her natural fur colour and the bottom half being white. When she is anthropomorphic she wears a blouse and a knee length skirt and though she often wears boots she still more often than not goes barefoot. She is also one of the few vixens to wear jewellery as she wears a necklace.


Viktoria has a very strong personality especially towards her captors but is very caring towards her allies and her husband. Through her marriage to Leonid she is also one of the most powerful vixens in the new leadership along with the other vixens involved with the Junta as they are all treated by the theory of "There is no dominator but there is no submissive" her personality also led to her being persecuted by Darwin who she encounters in The Illusionist in the dream world but she manages to overcome her fear of him and defeats him.

She also suffers from mild gerascophobia despite the fact everyone in the anthro world does not age. Much like her fear of Darwin she also manages to overcome her fear by comforting her future self. As well as being gerascophobic Viktoria is also afraid of solitude in the dream world where her husband dies and her daughter abandons her. Viktoria's exceedingly strong personality also comes in during her fight with Darwin and during the First Animalian coup which deposes Mufasa. But despite this she is very good with young Junta children and also the Junta babies who are curious around her but frightened of her husband.