Tatjana is a Croatian vixen who is a member of the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Ante who leads the Junta's Croatian faction.


She was named after the former first lady of Croatia Tatjana Klepac.


Of all the vixens involved in the Junta Tatjana is the most recognizable of them all. Unlike the other vixens who have red or blue fur Tatjana has purple fur and very dark blue, almost black hair that is almost the same length as Lady Blue's. Her appearance also marks her out as she looks less like a vixen and more like a wolf which saved her from Darwin's persecution and she is the first vixen to be involved in the Junta. In her first appearance she is a normal fox but in her return in the Anthro Saga she has longer hair and more human like hair. She also sometimes wears a green band that holds her hair in a ponytail or she lets it hang loose or at times has it tied into a bun. She is also one of the few vixens involved with the Junta that wears military style clothing as she wears a white blouse, a dark green skirt and jacket and a brown belt across her waist along with another thinner belt across her shoulder.


Despite her aggressive appearance Tatjana is a very caring and motherly character towards her mate and daughter as well as a very kind and friendly one as she maintains friendships with Leonid's wife Viktoria, Leopoldo's wife Cristina and Vulko's wife Svetlana. But she is aggressive especially towards her enemies and captors when she is a prisoner of war. She is also shown as a strong character as shown at the Junta's rallies and is often described as being a very firm singer pronouncing almost every word on one song. Behind her caring and motherly personality though she is what some call motivational being extremely active on the radio.

Compared to the much calmer Svetlana Tatjana does not sing on stage and also stands out from others because she is also one of few female animals who scares them because she looks more like a wolf. Tatjana also appears to be the one who condemns the Animalian Junta the most but condemns mostly it's collaborators also taking actively in torture.