Roberto is an Argentine fox involved with the Fox Junta and is the Junta's leader. He is also the new husband of Lady Blue following the death of Scarface.


He was named after Roberto Eduardo Viola


His appearence is very similar to Scarface except he has no scar and his fur is darker almost like a navy blue and he has a white underbelly. In his first appearence he is a normal fox but in his return in the Anthro Saga he wears a white shirt, a black tie and military style clothing due to him now being the full leader of the Junta. Sometimes it is said he dresses like Roberto Eduardo Viola.


Roberto comes off as being a very, very skilled leader and it is this that shows him in a heroic light with the Animalian military students however there are times he is shown as a modest leader. Unlike the more rash Branko despite him not being involved with the main Junta he always consults his colleagues before acting, not only is he very active in the military but he is also very active in government and though he disapproves of personality cults he is revered through the Animalian military students.

Though not as strict a leader as Ante, Hugo or Heriberto he is rather traditionalistic preferring more traditional weaponry in the Junta than the umbrellas that Janos has proposed and alongside others is one of those who criticizes him for making the umbrellas however he enjoys the performance and has them used by most of the Junta, he is a fair leader and a democratic one but he fears that he may turn into a dictator which is the reason he resigns from power in the forest and moves the Junta to the Anthro world.

He also enjoys a lot of the arts and alongside the arts also gothic architecture such as theatres as well as Asian architecture. Though he is the Junta's leader he does still lead the Junta however he prefers to allow his generals more control over each individual faction of the Junta appointing Anastasio to the Nicaraguan faction, Gustav to the Czech faction etc. he is a rather chivalrous character as well showing great respect not only for his wife but for other Vixens of the Fox Junta and those not in the Fox Junta such as Magda and Zeenat. He also opens far more relations with others than Darwin ever did and he is also good with young Junta children and the Junta babies.