Olivia is a torturer involved with the Animalian Junta .


She is an anthropomorphic lioness who's dress style is almost different to the other torturers as whilst Maria and Hannah wear more military style clothing Olivia wears more relaxed clothing as she wears a white blouse, a dark skirt, a dark green jacket and standard colored tights and like her friend Rachel she wears high heeled shoes but at Majlinka her skirt and jacket are blue.


Whilst not as aggressive as Maria Olivia is just as sadistic and often exploits female prisoners taking a great pleasure in torturing Perdita and at one point tries to have her citizenship relinquished but Mechanikat decides against the idea. Along with Hannah she also takes pleasure in psychologically torturing Cristina but Olivia does not care for her children. Instead she knows of her friendship with other vixens in the Junta including Viktoria and Svetlana and threatens her that if she does not act like a slave to her then she will torture her so much she will die. Olivia at one point also tells Cristina that unless she co-operates then she will have her friends brought to the camp and tortured "and your children with them."


Ultimately Olivia is a participant in the battle between Leopoldo's allies and Mechanikat's and this leads to her downfall. After she tries to flee from the camp she is ultimately captured and brought to Argentina as a Prisoner of War and the tables are turned on her. What was once a torturer is now a slave herself but she is held in much better conditions than her former victims ever were. After two months the Junta hands her over to Tyrannia and she stands trial for war crimes alongside her friend Rachel and fellow Junta member Maria. Of the three prisoners Maria is the first one to be released then Rachel and finally Olivia before she is finally released. Today she lives in Animalia.