Nexhmije is an Albanian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Enver and among multiple Vixens to serve in the Junta.


She was named after Enver Hoxha's widow Nexhmije Hoxha


In her first appearance Nexhmije is a normal vixen but alongside most vixens including Tatjana, Anna and Ivana she has the most recognizable appearance of them all. Nexhmije has red fur but her recognition is prominent as she has a black underbelly. In her anthro form she wears a white knee length dress but she still goes with bare feet.


Nexhmije is a very caring character towards her mate but whilst Enver is more laid back Nexhmije is slightly more practical and serious but she is also a friendly character and shares friendships with a number of the Junta vixens and the generals in the Junta. Despite the fact she has not encountered Emily before when she enters the Bunker Nexhmije has a brief rivalry with her but this later goes as Emily is not the only one suffering from nightmares and in an attempt to rid themselves of them Emily and the other vixens in the Junta join forces in order to defeat the Illusionist.