Lyudmilla is a Ukrainian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Viktor, leader of the Junta's Ukranian faction.


In her first appearance Lyudmilla is a normal vixen with light blue fur that is about the same color as her husband's, a white underbelly and muzzle with blue eyes. In her anthro form she wears a yellow dress with a thin black belt across her waist, black tights and black slip on court shoes.


In personality terms Lyudmilla is a very caring character and is one of the vixens involved in taking care of the younger Junta children (between the ages of eight to thirteen) alongside the older Junta children (aged thirteen to eighteen) as well as a motherly and loving one as well. Like the other vixens Lyudmilla is involved with the song "Anthro girls sing" which shows her as one of the most strongest vixens involved with the song despite they all show an equal amount of strength in their song and also shows she is a fierce fighter. She is also a friendly character and shares friendships with Viktoria, Svetlana, Elena, Cristina and many other Junta members.