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"There's one thing you have to learn my dear...MY mate is the law around here."

Lady Blue, also known as the Blue vixen, is a character from the book and TV series The Animals of Farthing Wood.

She is the secondary antagonist of the second series of the TV series which is a shell of her incarnation in the books because in the books, her role is very minor, she is unnamed and she does not get involved in the feud between her family and the other blue foxes and the Farthing Wood animals.

In literature however, she is a hero as the protagonist in Journey of the Vixen and the respective stories in that title; Lady Blue's heroic time continues when she becomes an anti-hero and the deuteragonist in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame appearing alongside her old rival Vixen as a titular character alongside Belladonna and Dreamer.

But Lady Blue is also a trans wiki article alongside Scarface, Bounder and Ranger because she also appears on the second untermation wiki alongside Scarface, Bounder and Ranger owing to her appearance in the story Bounder and the Time Lord with the former two blue foxes.


General description:

In the novels of The Animals of Farthing Wood Lady Blue is a normal red fox but in the TV series and her other appearances she is a blue vixen so as to avoid confusion with Fox and his family.

In the TV series and her other appearances, she has very light blue fur with white markings, cheek patches and a white underbelly which comes to a sharp V point on her chest and extends to the underside of her tail. Like all other vixens in the series, Lady Blue possesses the typical vixen ruff, but hers is extended into a dark blue marking that covers her ears and forms a triangle between them.

Her ruff, unlike other vixens in the series, is dark blue whilst with other vixens it keeps in line with their color scheme. For example: Vixen is dark red and her ruff is dark red with it. While she remains the same in Bounder and the Time Lord, Lady Blue's fur gives off a strange green tinge.

Lady Blue resting

As she appears in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame in a slideshow at Chicheley Hall.


In The Animals of Farthing Wood and her original literature appearances (The Return of Steele, Nightmare of Nome and War of the Wild) she is a normal vixen but when Belladonna takes her form in Terror of the Whippet, she is semi-anthropomorphic which means that while she is anthropomorphic she goes bare. Alongside Vixen, Belladonna and Dreamer, she is also a normal animal in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and Bounder and the Time Lord.

Journey of the Vixen:

Lady Blue is also semi anthropomorphic when she is made anthropomorphic by Lord Shen at the end of Journey of the Vixen and the beginning of Day of the Tiger and stays semi-anthropomorphic until the end of the Journey of the Vixen series finale Duel of the Vixens when she is made a normal vixen again.

For the whole of the Journey of the Vixen series, Lady Blue is bare except Operation Maharaja and Duel of the Vixens. In the former she wears the clothing that she stole from an animal shot dead by one of the arms traffickers which is a navy blue abaya and a black niqab.

On the way to Muzaffarabad she takes the niqab off her face and makes a dress out of the abaya using a bayonet to rip the robe at knee level then tearing off the fabric to expose her legs below her knees and also using the bayonet to slice the sleeves which she tears off. Once she is on board the plane that Sophia uses to take the brahmastra to Mirage, she takes the mutilated abaya off.

In the latter, she does not wear clothing as much as she wears an accessory because the only thing that Lady Blue wears is a belt across her waist like a corset; she uses this belt to sheath the Sword of Attilla until the climax of the story when she is forced to retreat during a fight with the black cat when she takes it off and watches it disappear indicating the belt nor the sword are needed anymore.

The Anthro Saga:

In the Anthro Saga, she is fully anthropomorphic which means that she is both anthropomorphic and wears clothing. Her clothing in this case consists of a white blouse, a black knee length skirt and standard coloured tights and like other canon characters Lady Blue goes with bare feet often walking around the bunker and mainly in battle but on formal occasions, on trial, and sometimes in detention she adds a blue knee length skirt, a blue jacket and is one of a few canon characters to wear footwear as she wears high heeled shoes.

She is also one of few canon characters to wear jewelry as she wears a necklace. During her time in Argentina she wears a white blouse, a black knee length skirt, standard coloured tights and high heels which she continues to wear after she leaves the Fox Junta. Her hair is also more longer and is often tied back into a ponytail or a plait. On trial her hair is held back into a butterfly clip. At a state funeral for many government officials which the Fox Junta attends, Lady Blue wears her Argentina clothing and with it adds a navy blue overcoat.


Like her husband Scarface and her son Ranger, Lady Blue's voice changes over the course of literature and alongside Charmer, Red, and Mirage is one of six characters whose voices change. In The Animals of Farthing Wood she, her husband and her son speak with Cockney accents as do the other blue foxes and she keeps this accent in The Return of Steele, being the only blue fox to do so as Scarface is actually Red in disguise. Like her son, Lady Blue's accent is also far softer than Scarface's.

In the Anthro Saga alongside her villain roles in Nightmare of Nome and War of the Wild however the accent has gone and she speaks with a more "normal" voice. Her accent is also absent in Terror of the Whippet as she is actually Belladonna in disguise. From Journey of the Vixen on-wards, her Cockney accent comes back but it disappears in Bounder and the Time Lord. Lady Blue's accent remaining in other literature appearances since Journey of the Vixen make her the only blue vixen who keeps her original accent (Ranger keeps his original accent but only in the Anthro Saga).


In the books and TV series she is the wife of Scarface and the mother of Blaze and Ranger, and whilst she continues as the wife of Scarface in the TV series and War of the Wild, Ranger is her only known child in the latter.

In the TV series, she is the mother of Ranger, Bounder and an un-named female cub and also the wife of Scarface in The Return of Steele but it is a fake relationship because he is actually Red in disguise but in the Anthro Saga, she is of no relation to either Scarface or Ranger and instead is the wife of Roberto; a relationship that continues from the events of The Return of Steele. In addition, Lady Blue is of no relation to Bounder in the Anthro Saga.

The only time when Lady Blue is truly related to Scarface is her sole human literature appearance in Bounder and the Time Lord.


Journey of the Vixen:

Lady Blue may be a villain in The Animals of Farthing Wood and related Farthing Wood fan fiction, but she is the protagonist in the fantasy series Journey of the Vixen and the stories in that title: Day of the Tiger, Operation Maharaja, All Animals are Equal, Mirage of Arabia, Search for the Sword and Duel of the Vixens. Her heroic portrayal is both down to portrayal of other foxes such as Charmer, Whisper, her old rival and Maid Marian (except Mirage of Arabia, Search for the Sword and Duel of the Vixens) and to add an element of surprise to potential readers.

The series also marks the beginning of her time being used in a more major light and it also changes her personality: Whilst still priggish, vain and egotistical with an appalling attitude (which actually disappears at the end of Duel of the Vixens but resurfaces in the early moments of Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.), Lady Blue is now notably less cowardly and whiny and is far more independent, brave and outspoken and she has this personality in her other literature appearances.

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Bernwood Forest, Lady Blue's original home in the new Animals of Farthing Wood continuity which starts with Journey of the Vixen.

She also does not share the same desire to exterminate the Farthing Wood animals that she has in The Animals of Farthing Wood in particular the episode Narrow Escapes and like many other female characters in literature such as her old rival and her new ones (In the case of Maid Marian, she is strong willed particularly in her villain time.), Lady Blue is strong willed from the word go.

The series also starts a new continuity of The Animals of Farthing Wood as does its sequel Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame instead moving many of the animals to Bernwood Forest in Oxfordshire unlike War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet which carries on being set at White Deer Park. It also marks the first time where Lady Blue is of no relation to either Scarface or Ranger.

In the first installment of the series, she is first seen at the end of the Red-Blue fox feud of Bernwood Forest where the Farthing Wood animals have been living since being moved from White Deer Park to avoid any more hostility that they have experienced from other foxes in the form of the events of Series 2, dictatorship in the form of Scarface to a degree and the rise of Trey, and an invasion of rats. At least, Vixen describes the rise of Trey as the rise of a dictator in Comings and Goings:

"If that wasn't bad enough, our noble friend and protector was soon replaced by a tyrant."

In the beginning of the story Lady Blue is shown mourning the death of her mate who is actually un-named following the end of a feud between a rogue blue fox pack that she was part of (because the other blue foxes actually welcome the Farthing Wood Animals, this rogue pack is believed to belong to either Scarface or a relative of his) and a red fox pack who supports Fox, Vixen and the other Farthing Wood animals. As she does, the vixen declares:

"It is the end of the is the end of is the end of Lady Blue..."

Two weeks later, Lady Blue tries to adapt to the end of the feud as the other Farthing Wood animals are celebrating and as she is minding her own business, she is distracted by a shadowy figure who is cutting his way through the forest causing her to flee; however, he does not seem to have any sinister intentions. Or so she thinks...

The figure is actually cutting a path through the forest so his colleagues Percival McLeach and Clayton can enter and hunt her down. At first, Clayton almost catches her and takes aim but she flees however once she blows her cover the vixen becomes subject to a massive bombardment of bullets until eventually the hunters give up and flee under the warnings of the warden, but even with the hunters gone there is still a sense of insecurity about the vixen.

Her insecurity comes back during the night when hunters led by Clayton and McLeach intrude the forest and capture other animals one of them being her former rival and killing her mate. But the hunters come across the vixen eventually as Clayton orders her rival freed, as he comes across a captured blue vixen he points his gun at her and fires a tranquilizer dart into her neck and orders his men to carry her into a truck which soon drives off to Cambridge.

IMG 0832-1200x800

Magdalene College, Cambridge; Lady Blue's first destination and what would have been her final destination.

There, she is put in the hands of a vet and an old friend of Clayton's who takes her to Magdalene College where she becomes the victim of an attempted live dissection. A terrified vixen then flees pursued by other conspirators around Cambridge University but is shot by McLeach and taken to India where Clayton intends to sell her to an Indian zoo.

But Lady Blue escapes and causes a fire on the ship causing the conspirators to drown and the ship to sink. Eventually Clayton chases her as she tries to swim to dry land and tries to drown her but Clayton is killed when she drowns him whilst trying to swim. Twelve minutes later, the vixen disappears under the water thought to have drowned.

The vixen is actually underwater where she scares an Indian child when he brushes his foot against her back, this child also starts a domino effect in which other children flee to the security of their parents as Lady Blue emerges from the water and shakes herself dry. Shortly afterwards she comes under fire from a vengeful McLeach but he spurs her into defending herself as she leaps at him like a rabid animal terrifying the beach goers. The fight ends when the sea becomes stained with blood as she kills McLeach.

Lady Blue later terrorizes the beach as she lets out a great howl of victory which also attracts the attention of a certain tiger causing her to flee in fear. There she meets the tiger who takes her to the Somnath temple but he vanishes once he takes her to a towering door which later opens on its own accord to gain her entry, at first the vixen is reluctant to enter but does so when she comes under assurance that she will come to no harm.


The Somnath Temple.

Once Lady Blue enters the back of the Somnath temple she meets the source of the voice in his great glory and he informs her that he has chosen her for a vitally important task: To locate the six mythological weapons needed to create one deadly Doomsday weapon and bring them to him so Shen can destroy it. He also informs her about the components being in multiple different countries and cultures.

He later informs the vixen that in case the weapon cannot be destroyed by him then it is Lady Blue who must destroy it with a certain weapon which she will come across on the journey at a certain point and by law, if she is to go on the quest then she works alone much to the vixen's relief. He then reveals his name as Lord Shen also known as the White Peacock and warns her of the Black cat who also wants the Doomsday Weapon for evil purposes before the peacock sends the vixen on her way.

Day of the Tiger:


The first location of Lady Blue's journey, Sri Lanka.

The journey for the weapons first takes Lady Blue to Sri Lanka, where Lord Shen also makes her anthropomorphic or at least semi-anthropomorphic because if she is to find these weapons then she cannot do it as an actual vixen. The vixen first appears on the Sri Lankan coast where, suffering the effects of the transformation struggles to stand and walk because she has been used to walking on all fours so when she gets to the beach she uses the rock face for support.

Once she gets onto the beach however, the sense of disability has gone and whilst she wants to run around on the beach a gunshot puts her off causing her to consider to flee to civilization but cannot due to fears that civilization will be human beings and she will be discovered so she flees into the forest where she comes across an old enemy.

Lady Blue taunts Vixen but the latter does not seem to care causing the former to conclude that something is not right especially when the normally compassionate, wise and kind Vixen who was normally on the receiving end of the blue vixen's disdain reverses the roles so it is the blue vixen who becomes the taunted and the red vixen that becomes the taunter. The blue vixen's suspicions are also confirmed after her enemy eventually is revealed as the agent of the black cat: Sophia.

The two vixens attack each other and Sophia eventually defeats the blue vixen when she practically suffocates her by pressing her knee on her chest. Lady Blue is later taken into captivity and tortured first by beating beaten with a baton as well as with Sophia's bare hands then as she gets more and more resistant receives a minimum of ten lashings from a cat o'nine tails before Sophia has enough of her and imprisons her in a dark cell with all the dignity that the blue vixen may have had up in smoke.

However, she receives a makeshift sniper rifle which she uses to blow open the wall to escape and eavesdrops on a conversation between the Black Cat and Sophia the latter of whom states that the blue vixen is in captivity but once the black cat cuts off Sophia is attacked by her prisoner who has heard everything. Sophia is later electrocuted by Lady Blue who makes off with a pistol and a cattle prod to find out more about the plot to assassinate the president of Sri Lanka.

She eventually comes across a Tiger safe house where she finds a sole tigress who she takes hostage. The tigress tries to take the cyanide capsule around her neck and eat it but it is snatched away and the vixen stamps on the capsule crushing it, the vixen later takes the tigress prisoner and begins to interrogate her in the same way she was interrogated by Sophia; first by beating her and then giving the tigress electric shocks in the neck until she complies and spills everything:

The Trishula mentioned by Sophia is a South Asian trident in Hindu mythology wielded by various Hindu goddesses such as Shiva, it is considered to be the most powerful weapon which is something that scares Lady Blue as she goes back to a flashback of the White Peacock telling her about the doomsday weapon and it being composed of six powerful mythological weapons. The vixen then asks the tigress about The Tiger and the latter states that the Tigers hired him to assassinate the president of Sri Lanka when he visits the Eastern city of Trincomalee to unveil a new statue of Shiva; The Tiger would fire upon him whilst the Tigers would steal the weapon and give it to Sophia who would give it to the Black cat.

A horrified Lady Blue then asks the present whereabouts of The Tiger but the torture seems to drive the tigress insane causing the vixen to shoot her dead and with the information to set off in search of The Tiger herself. The first stop she makes is a separate room full of guns and ammunition until she finds an AK-47 assault rifle; she steals it and the ammunition which she loads into the gun once she gets into the forest, then she slings the gun over her shoulder and sets off in a search for The Tiger in a race against time.

However, Lady Blue leaves vital evidence at the safe house resulting in the tigers coming for her: She leaves her pistol and the cattle prod on the table, leaves the tigress's body in plain view and leaves the door to the weapons room wide open so the tigers can see that an AK-47 of theirs has been stolen along with its ammunition and they give chase. In the forest they open fire which causes Lady Blue to withdraw then she too opens fire on the tigers killing two of them then once the other four leave, Lady Blue runs to one of the dead tigers, takes its grenade and throws it at the tigers causing a smoke screen and distracting them. With the tigers distracted she flees into the city just in time but has the same effect on Sri Lankan children as she had with Indian children: Fear which is elevated by the gun slung over her shoulder which makes the children believe she is a terrorist though she tries to convince them that she is actually with the army.

However she fails to convince the children and ends up on the run even more when the tigers come for her. She eventually discovers a statue covered in black cloth and believing this to be the statue of Shiva looks behind her to find the hospital and believes this is where the Tiger will strike; her suspicions are confirmed when she sees the president flanked by bodyguards approaching the statue with the Trishula in his hands.

Lady Blue rushes through the hospital to find The Tiger about to strike but cannot enter the ward because he had locked the door, the Tiger opens fire on the president but his guards protect the president resulting in The Tiger killing two of them. Eventually, the vixen shoots the lock off the door and bursts in where she comes under fire from The Tiger and kills him as he tries to reload, the tigers also enter the ward and she shoots them as well.

With The Tiger dead, the vixen throws his body out of the hospital window blowing her cover. As she tries to flee from the hospital Lady Blue is greeted by guards of the president who arrest her and take her to the presidential palace, here she confronts the president who asks her about the tigers and the assassin and she replies that the tigers were after the Trishula.

Once asked her name however, Lady Blue cannot reply and instead calls herself Vimala, describing herself as a soldier in the army. The president congratulates her for killing the assassin and rewards her with the Trishula; as the trident gives her a strange feeling almost like an electric shock she flees the palace into the jungle where it glows with a golden light. Minutes later, the White peacock approaches her and takes the trident off her: Lady Blue has found the first segment of the Doomsday Weapon, with the first component in his hands the peacock casts another spell on the vixen; keeping her anthropomorphic but taking her off Sri Lanka to a new location.

Operation Maharaja:


The story's location, Pakistan.

Once Lady Blue leaves Sri Lanka, the next location she is taken to is Pakistan where she also is in the right place at the right time to see arms traffickers march through the streets terrifying civilians; even more so when one of the traffickers shoots a female animal dead which gives Lady Blue a greater opportunity to get closer to the traffickers:

She drags this animal's body off the streets into a back ally, strips the animal and re-dresses in her clothing. Though the robes still show her tail, hands and feet the vixen does not seem to care and carries on pursuing the bears through the streets and as she does, Lady Blue also learns that she is in one of the most dangerous cities in the world: Karachi. Unlike Day of the Tiger however where she learned that she was in Sri Lanka from Sophia who was in the disguise of Vixen, Lady Blue learns her location from signs around the city in Urdu and English.

Osama bin Laden compound1

The safe house.

Her following of the bears takes her to a safe house in the same style as Osama bin Laden's compound in the last days of his life, here she finds not only bears around the house but also wild cats such as jaguars and leopards. As she enters the safe house further, Lady Blue comes across the bears but hides when a shadowy figure enters the house.

As Sophia enters the house, Lady Blue continues to hide but her cover is almost blown when Salim calls in guards to arrest the silver vixen and one of them stands on her tail causing her to pick it up off the floor and massage it whilst she overhears Sophia and Salim planning "Operation Maharaja" a plan to smuggle guns stolen from the Pakistani Army into Muzaffarabad to Azhar and his men however also on board is a brahmastra and Sophia intends to smuggle the guns for Azhar and the wolves but give the brahmastra to the black cat.

This information causes Lady Blue to flee the house and warn the army about Operation Maharaja but to her, whether they will believe her or not will be a different story. The answer comes when she hitchhikes a ride to the Clifton Cantonment and it's also here where she learns of the brahmastra that Sophia intends to smuggle from Karachi to Muzaffarabad then to Kathmandu: The brahmastra is a Hindu mythological weapon created by the Hindu god Brahma which is capable of wiping any target off the face of the earth and no counterattack or defense can stop it. She learns of the brahmastra from the driver because the driver is a Hindu and will be the only animal to know about it.

In the cantonment, she comes across a Pakistan Army general and an arms supplier for the army at the end of a meeting, once the meeting is over Lady Blue confronts the arms supplier and tries to persuade him not to give the weapons at night because that is when the traffickers will strike but the supplier is not convinced and throws the vixen out of his office; but she does not leave the cantonment instead preferring to take a pistol and climb into a crate ready to be loaded onto a truck to take to the Pakistan army.

As she climbs into the crate, the vixen is loaded onto a truck to take to the army headquarters in Rawalpindi with several other crates containing machine guns, rifles etc. and it is also here where the bears strike first running the army escort off the road then running the truck transporting the guns off the road into a tree. The guns are later loaded into trucks and taken to the Imambargah Darbaray Hussaini mosque and Lady Blue with them.

At the mosque, the vixen is left alone with the guns and the brahmastra where she feels like she is back in Karachi when she first got there and that she can do what she likes which includes singing a twisted version of the Hippopotamus song which she calls "Guns, Guns, Glorious guns" but once the singing gets too wild and out of hand she worries that the bears will hear her and goes quiet. The night before the journey she sleeps not in her crate but on another crate waiting for the time when the bears will take the guns to their next destination.

But the bears decide to leave early causing the vixen to retreat into the crate she came out of and prepare to be loaded into a truck. Whilst loaded into a truck, she is essentially sealed in the crate as the bears surround her crate with others; but the vixen also has the Heckler and Koch P7 that she stole with her in the crate and has also loaded it as the trucks depart for Muzaffarabad ready to free herself should the time come.

The time comes as the bears take the journey to Muzaffarabad; first Lady Blue takes the P7 gun and shoots the bottom of the crate (because the top of the crate has been blocked) and pulls herself out the bottom before making herself a lot more comfortable removing the niqab from her face exposing her full face then she opens another crate containing a Type 56 assault rifle, takes the bayonet off and slashes first the bottom of the abaya and then the sleeves. Once the bottom of the abaya has been slashed she rips of the bottom just at knee level exposing her legs from her knees down and tears the sleeves off exposing her arms; then she puts the bayonet back on and puts the rifle back where it came from before taking her own gun and resting in the back of the truck she was loaded into.

Her rest soon turns to panic as the truck she is in (the truck that is third in line of the convoy) is sent up into the Pakistan mountains taking her onto probably the most perilous aspect of her journey thus far even more so when the weather begins to take its toll as the normally pleasant climate of Pakistan now turns to a terribly stormy one which makes the mountains a danger zone.

Evidence of this is prominent when the vixen spots bears struggling to keep up and the ground gives way sending them to the ground and killing them in the process. This also sparks Lady Blue to eliminate other bears in the convoy but she only shoots one driver as the entire ground collapses below other drivers sending them to the same fiery fate as the last three bears in the convoy.

Since the ground collapses below several other bears, there are now just three trucks left in the convoy: Salim's truck, the truck that carries the brahmastra and the truck carrying the vixen. Now on her own, Lady Blue takes the niqab back off her face exposing her face again, looks out the back to check the coast is clear then confident that the coast is clear prepares to take over the truck.

First she hides the pistol she stole in her abaya then gives herself a runner as she begins to climb the truck. Once she gets to the front of it, Lady Blue throws one of the doors open then throws the driver out before she cuts off radio contact with the other bears and goes to pursue the other bears. As she gets off the mountain, the vixen continues to chase the bears a lot more quickly and in the distance she sees Muzaffarabad. But no sooner is the blue vixen in Muzaffarabad is she out again when she sees Sophia leave the city for the international airport with the brahmastra in her grasp.

The vixen shoots out Sophia's side mirrors blinding her but the silver vixen gets to the airport first and carries the brahmastra into another plane preparing for take off, but not far behind is Lady Blue who seems too late to get on board the plane and she is stranded in Muzaffarabad; at least that's what Sophia thinks but little does she know that Lady Blue is actually on board the plane with the brahmastra.

As the plane levels off, the blue vixen takes off her abaya exposing her full body before she opens the crate containing the brahmastra; as the brahmastra glows with an emerald green light she is met by the White peacock who takes the weapon off her: The vixen has found the second component of the Doomsday Weapon, as the peacock disappears the blue vixen goes out to confront the silver vixen.

The appearance of the blue vixen just causes astonishment for Sophia, but the latter is not so much concerned about the blue vixen as she is for the brahmastra. At this point Lady Blue knows that her cover is blown and instead lies that she had thrown the weapon out of the plane (the brahmastra is actually in the hands of the peacock) causing the vixens to fight. After the silver vixen throws the blue vixen off after a grapple, the plane is switched from auto control to manual control and Sophia tries to keep Lady Blue from the cockpit but to no avail.

Lady Blue enters the cockpit and attacks Sophia again when the latter asks where the brahmastra is and though the blue vixen puts up a spirited fight, the silver vixen throws her against the controls turning the plane back to Auto pilot and by now already over Nepal. The silver vixen then throws Lady Blue on the floor knocking her unconscious and sends the plane into Kathmandu showing that if she can't have the brahmastra, no one can intending to crash the plane.

The vixen however recovers just in time and trips Sophia up, throwing her out into the main plane before taking over the controls. Switching the plane to manual, Lady Blue struggles to pull the plane up and even when she does, it narrowly misses the city of Kathmandu, Sophia later returns and puts the plane on auto pilot before grappling with the blue vixen in an attempt to keep the plane from landing and seems to succeed when the silver vixen forces Lady Blue to shoot out the landing gear.

But Lady Blue is still determined to get the plane on the ground so takes the plane to Russia in St. Petersburg after she bashes Sophia into the controls (She takes the plane to Russia because by the time Sophia recovers the plane has just passed China) and prepares to land the plane at Pulkovo International Airport with no landing gear.

Desperate to get clearance, the vixen contacts air traffic control under the false name "Flight 394" and when she does performs an emergency landing causing both of the engines to explode and the plane to split in two.  As she grinds to a halt, the vixen suffers disastrous injuries including burn wounds and heavy bleeding on her face (at the end of the story however only her bloody face is shown). At the end of the story, paramedics put Lady Blue into an ambulance and take her out of the airport to hospital.

All Animals are Equal:


Marrinsky Hospital, Lady Blue's "final" destination in All Animals are Equal.

The third story in the Journey of the Vixen series All Animals are Equal makes Lady Blue a joint record holder with Sasha le Fleur as the longest absence of a protagonist as both do not appear in their respective stories until Part 3. For Lady Blue, All Animals are Equal and for Sasha, The King of Hell.

Following on from the events of Operation Maharaja, Lady Blue is seen in the back of an ambulance heading for the Marrinsky Hospital watched by a collection of doctors two of those being Boris, a rhinoceros and Georgy, a hippopotamus. It is also here where her injuries are shown in a more gruesome light as her hair is clotted with blood and she has burn marks all over her body which make her burned to a crisp virtually. Her injuries also bring to light the disdainful attitude in the doctors.

The hippopotamus and the rhinoceros take the vixen to another ward where they clean her wounds and prepare to bring her back to life which seems to fail and the vixen appears to die at six o'clock which is the time that Boris and Georgy intended to try until. But her heartbeat picks up again and she takes her first breath which soon becomes more and more frequent. The vixen is revived ten minutes after the doctors would say they would announce her death: Lady Blue is revived at ten past six.

In the morning, the vixen starts to wake up but each time she tries the operation that saved her life gets the better of her. As Lady Blue comes round, she sees the doctors that saved her life in their glory: Boris the rhinoceros and Georgy the hippopotamus; as both approach her she asks them where she is, what happened and what day it is because the plane crash caused her to lose her memory of the accident. Georgy then advises the vixen to get some rest and they will talk later; little does he know however that they won't talk later because she won't be there.

After an hour Lady Blue begins to wake up to see the images of a boar all over the hospital which terrifies her and though she tries to flee the hospital all the strength she once had in her legs has now gone; so when the vixen gets out of bed she loses her balance and is found lying on the floor; doctors help her back onto her bed but the instant Lady Blue gets the strength in her legs back she flees the hospital.

Outside is not much better as the vixen sees not only pictures of the same boar but also the same pig that slanders Natasha or at least, its eye and also sees all sorts of animals prowling the streets believed to be the police or the army. However she manages to evade them to reach the Stroganov Palace where she is almost mesmerized by the art because it takes her back to her time in England.

Lady Blue also believes that if she was in her current form in England then this would be the type of gallery that she and other blue foxes would visit; but as she watches the art in question a figure distracts her and when the vixen catches it in her sights it runs off causing the blue vixen to give chase.

The figure takes the vixen through Saint Petersburg and even performs parkour to try and evade her which even the dishonest and priggish vixen sees as cheating. Lady Blue eventually comes across Natasha's villa where she finds the door left open which is strange for her because she believes that the villa has been ransacked by the figure however when she gets in the villa, it is in almost pristine condition.

The only thing that is on in the background is another speech from Squealer which Lady Blue takes no notice of. The vixen hears a noise causing her to turn back to the door but the noise does not come from the door; instead it comes from the bedroom so when she looks in the corridor towards the bedroom the figure confronts Lady Blue and makes a gesture that makes it seem it is trying to make a run for it but the vixen locks the door and demands that it shows its real face. The figure complies and takes off her balaclava to reveal...Natasha.

At first, the vixen demands her name but the wolf is evasive to answer instead asking her to sit in the lounge which the vixen does as she sits on a sofa and waits for Natasha who reveals her face and her hands as she takes off her leather gloves and sits near the vixen. Lady Blue then asks her her name and why she is a "former" jewel thief instead of a proper jewel thief to which the wolf replies that the reason for this is because of Squealer who is on the television as she turns off the screen.

Natasha then asks the vixen her name forcing the vixen to improvise calling herself "Tanya". The vixen is then asked about the Sword Kladenets and listens to the same speech given by Squealer when he was informed about the theft of the sword, when Lady Blue replies that she has never heard of it Natasha tells her that the sword is a magic sword from Russian fairy tales wielded by many Russian fairy tale heroes.

Interested by the story Lady Blue may be but she is not convinced as to why she should help Natasha. That is, until the wolf states she is strictly a jewel thief with no interest in weapons and whilst Natasha isn't interested Lady Blue is and agrees to help the wolf recover the sword. The wolf and the vixen plan to steal both swords but despite her good planning Natasha nearly loses the vixen when the latter accuses her of making her carry out the theft and setting her up to take the blame; the only redeeming feature that lets her carry on however is the fact that Natasha has planned hundreds if not thousands of robberies and no plan has ever failed. Not one.

The plan is eventually put into action at about midnight where despite the fact that Lady Blue offered to help Natasha it seems that the former is using her as she takes her to the housed used by her nemesis; the silver vixen Sophia where her suspicions are confirmed when she finds the vixen asleep. At first Natasha blows their cover when she throws a stone into the bathroom window gaining the blue vixen entry; but the wolf ends up waking Sophia who throws the stone back out narrowly missing the back of the vixen's head.

With Sophia gone, the vixen carries on with the plan using Natasha as a boost. She asks her to send the torch up once she is on the balcony; she gets on the balcony but when Natasha goes to her rucksack to get the torch for Lady Blue she cannot find it until she pulls it out of a side pocket and throws it at the vixen. The vixen goes to retrieve the swords but once she leaves the bathroom she ends up lost.

Hope comes however in the form of yellow light which goes out making her use the torch given to her. The source of the light takes her to the lounge where she is victorious and defeated; victorious in finding the swords but defeated when she believes that she cannot reach the swords without waking Sophia and is also distracted by her snoring.

As Lady Blue enters the lounge she eyes the room in fear for another ally of the black cat who will capture her or Sophia who could potentially wake up and spot her. She almost blows her cover when she shines the torch Natasha gave her in the sleeping vixen's direction and drastically points it in the direction of the glass cabinet holding the two sword kladenets and whilst she is victorious the vixen hears Sophia's snoring and tells herself that she should stay like that; but the vixen hisses it loud enough for the silver/black vixen to hear her.

The blue vixen's paranoia also comes in play when she hears Sophia moaning in her sleep and hears more moaning which almost signify she is waking up causing Lady Blue to flee behind a cabinet...But Sophia doesn't wake up and so the blue vixen approaches the sleeping vixen again to find the key which she finds around the silver vixen's neck; Lady Blue then tries to find a pair of small scissors and cuts the string off but it unravels causing the key to fall onto the silver vixen's chest.

The blue vixen then feels her enemy's chest with it causing the latter to laugh but the key is successfully recovered. The key now in Lady Blue's grasp, she shines the torch towards the cabinet to find the lock and when she does turns off the torch...but with the torch turned off the vixen struggles to find the lock at first then once she does find the lock it proves difficult to open causing her to twiddle with it a bit. Finally she gets it open and prepares to take the swords. Victory is on Lady Blue's side, but for how long?

The answer comes when she takes the swords out of the cabinet but for a thief, the vixen keeps the place strangely immaculate which she believes is better than to go in to Sophia's lounge all guns blazing, end up being discovered by the silver vixen and have her journey finished in Russia before she can say "I am no common red fox." but at the same time she also leaves behind signs that someone has been in including:

  • Leaving Natasha's torch in the glass cabinet,
  • Leaving the key in the glass cabinet,
  • And leaving the door to the lounge and the glass cabinet wide open.

Because of the weight of the swords and the fear that she will be discovered, the vixen decides to leave one of the swords behind and come back for it which seems to work but when she climbs the stairs the weight of two swords gets the better of her causing the swords to fall from her grasp. 

As the swords fall down the stairs they create a pandemonium which is powerful enough to wake Sophia who instantly recognizes the signs that someone has been there, and the one animal that she thinks has been there: is Lady Blue. The blue vixen meanwhile tries to recover the swords and whilst she gets one Sophia confronts her about the other and where she is going. 

Sophia asks her where she thinks she is going and what she is doing but the blue vixen thinks back to the time when they were apart and instead asks the silver vixen with a spiteful "Did you miss me?" leaving an unamused silver vixen to repeat the question. Lady Blue replies that she is going to take the swords far away from Russia and will do it even if she has to fight Sophia...and this ultimately happens as the two vixens cross swords with each other. Literally. 

But the blue vixen had seen this coming as the pair fight and whilst the blue vixen puts up a valiant defense, the silver vixen outfights her but Lady Blue gains the upper hand again preparing to go in for the kill but is kicked back into a table as Sophia takes out Natasha's torch and asks the blue vixen about it, her question however is answered by the arrival of Natasha

Sophia is just shocked by Natasha's arrival forcing Lady Blue to explain why she is not in prison: Russia had been held in the grip of a dictatorship of pigs for a long, long time and to stay in power they created a personality cult around the boar and the Tamworth, the latter of whom had been slandering Natasha from the very beginning of the theft of the Sword Kladenets; she was just in the right place at the right time when Squealer made his speech and she took it as a warning. With the silver vixen stunned, the blue vixen takes the real sword and gives it to Natasha whilst she has the fake; as she tells Sophia to just give up, the silver vixen instead grabs a pike and battles the wolf and the blue vixen with it. 

The blue vixen is put out of action when Sophia goes after Natasha but recovers and attacks the silver vixen again with the pike; the fight gets more deadly as the silver vixen attacks the vixen with other weapons including a flail, a mace and the sword and the swings and attacks from Sophia get more and more aggressive. Finally, Lady Blue is victorious when she throws the real sword out of Sophia's hands; the silver vixen accepts defeat but tries to kill the blue vixen one last time with fatal results: 

Sophia prepares to attack Lady Blue but the blue vixen is too quick, turns round and kicks Sophia into a wall then finally the silver vixen is killed when the blue vixen throws her out of a window which disturbs Natasha who also hears the sound of the destruction of the fake sword causing her to race up the stairs...But once she gets there the window is smashed, the real sword is gone and the blue vixen with it.

Mirage of Arabia:


The location of Mirage of Arabia, the Middle East.

Of the stories in the Journey of the Vixen series, its fourth story Mirage of Arabia is probably the most unique of the series, partly because it is the longest in the series and takes place over six different countries (Yemen, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and Egypt) unlike other stories which take place in just one such as Operation Maharaja which takes place predominantly in Pakistan but also because three locations in the story are also used in the Surgeon stories:

Egypt is used as the first destination of the Eleventh Surgeon in Strategy of a Surgeon which pits him against the Weeping Angels, Iran is used for the location of Terror of the Rani which pits him against the titular Rani and the Cybermen. Finally, Iraq is used as the location of Land of the Two Foes which pits him against the Rani again and the Daleks.

The story also introduces a new rival for Lady Blue: Maid Marian who was originally intended to only appear in Duel of the Vixens but was rewritten into the story because of fears that her old rival may not have been as well written. Maid Marian was also included to add an element of surprise into the series and to make her as strong a character as Lady Blue as well as to give her a new enemy rather than Vixen all the time. It should be noted however that while the traditional opponent of Lady Blue is Vixen this rivalry only appears in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame which is set roughly three months after the Journey of the Vixen series.

Following from the events of All Animals are Equal, Lady Blue vanishes from Russia and is taken to the Arabian desert where her landing is a lot more softer than in Sri Lanka or Russia, the latter of which nearly killed her. The instant she gets into the desert, the real Sword Kladenets is not with her even though she knows that it vanished with her which makes her think that Sophia stole it when the blue vixen killed her.

As Lady Blue searches frantically for the sword she passes out from the heat of the desert and in doing so comes across the White peacock who informs her that she cannot find the real Sword Kladenets because it is in his possession something of which greatly fills Lady Blue with relief; in the real world though, the heat of the desert almost kills the vixen because she is starting to succumb to dehydration due to not filling up with liquid since Russia.

Hope however comes in the form of a weasel who finds the vixen whilst trekking in the desert, at first Lady Blue is suspicious but he offers to take her to civilization and whilst he keeps his word the destination is just away from civilization. At their destination, the weasel offers the vixen a drink and she jumps at the chance taking massive gulps and even causing water to trickle down her mouth and chest and she almost chokes on it. Having taken a drink, the weasel advises the vixen to get proper sleep and when she does she sleeps on the sand.

Whilst the weasel sleeps like a log, Lady Blue has a nightmare about the time when she killed Sophia only this time she had the fake sword and Sophia had the real sword. Sophia's death unsettles the blue vixen because she appears as someone she knew very well and was very close to which is presumed to be either a family friend or her own daughter; her nightmare ends when she sees the black cat taunting her which ends when she wakes up startled and panting.

Lawrence of Arabia (2 8) Movie CLIP - Ali's Well (1962) HD

Lawrence of Arabia (2 8) Movie CLIP - Ali's Well (1962) HD

The entrance of Sharif Ali that was the inspiration for Whisper's entrance in Mirage of Arabia. This scene comes from Lawrence of Arabia, 1962.

In the morning, the weasel tries to wake her to no avail until he empties the flask of water onto her making her startled which is increased even more by a hazy figure in the distance. When she asks who it is, the weasel seems to sense it as an enemy and it is coming for the blue vixen and so turns on her:

As the figure draws a rifle, Lady Blue's journey seems to end in the desert as her hands are tied behind her back and she is forced onto her knees. As the figure gets closer, the vixen awaits her fate when the weasel rummages for a pistol but is killed before he can get it. The figure is eventually revealed as another red vixen much to Lady Blue's disdain even after it cuts her hands free from her bonds.

When asked her name, the vixen replies "My name is for my friends. And no friend of mine is a common red fox!" something she almost regrets when the new vixen takes off her headscarf to reveal her black tipped ears. After more discussion, the blue vixen believes that the weasel would never have taken her to civilization and so the Arab vixen takes her the rest of the way.

The Arab vixen takes Lady Blue to the city of Sana'a in Yemen where she is amazed by Yemen's beautiful architecture even if she has a somewhat disdainful attitude about it because she thinks that Sana'a being a city is an exaggeration but fortunately she is not spotted with the Arab vixen and even if she is the locals take just one look at her and go back to whatever they were doing.


The Great Mosque of Sana'a.

Her journey through Yemen ends at the Great Mosque of Sana'a where the Arab vixen helps her off the camel and brings her inside to the main room where Lady Blue comes across...another follower of the White Peacock: A cocker spaniel. But the blue vixen does not yet see the spaniel and so tries to flee only to be sent back by Whisper who holds her at gunpoint ordering her to turn around.

Eventually, the vixen complies and in a surprising turn of events is actually given the fourth component of the Doomsday Weapon. The spaniel actually sends her on the orders of the White Peacock on a journey through the Middle East to find the fifth component; but the black cat's new agent has heard everything and so Lady Blue becomes involved in a race to find the fifth component before Maid Marian or the weasels that the latter was seen with in Baghdad.

The race for the fifth component begins in Aden where Lady Blue finds the weasels and another vixen depart with them in the search for the component and whilst she wants to follow them like she followed the bears in Karachi, the rod is a hindrance because it is not telescopic and highly conspicuous not to mention that she is frightened of leaving it somewhere in case it gets stolen.

Also, the weasels do not shoot any female animals dead so Lady Blue cannot re-dress in their clothing. She does however get luck on her side as the rod vanishes allowing her to undergo a stealthy pursuit of the weasels; and the pursuit brings her to an insignificant house which is strange until the blue vixen finds the weasels attacking the house's sole occupant which very much resembles her own daughter and the treatment of this occupant is enough to outrage Lady Blue and it outrages her even more because there is nothing she can do about it.

The house's occupant is put in chains as the house is ransacked blowing the blue vixen's cover in the process; The weasels open fire on Lady Blue but she fights back killing three weasels and with these deaths the weasels flee with their prisoner and whilst another vixen flees with them the blue vixen stops her escape believing this vixen to be Sophia but pulls the veil off to reveal: Maid Marian.

With her own cover blown, Marian springs back to life and attempts to strangle the blue vixen against a wall nearly asphyxiating her. A nearly asphyxiated Lady Blue drops down seemingly dead as Marian prepares to use a flare gun to set the house on fire and kill the blue vixen with it; as smoke billows out of the house, Lady Blue seems too late to escape from the house as it goes up in smoke.

As she wakes up, the vixen finds herself in the burning house and as she wakes up almost falls back down again. But she recovers trying to find something to cover her nose and mouth to avoid breathing in smoke such as a tea towel but fails due to the heat. Soon her own fears come true and she breathes in smoke which causes the vixen to start coughing and spluttering as she tries to find a way out of the house.

Whilst Lady Blue gets out of the house her appearance is a shell of her glory days: Her once light blue fur which gave her the priggish light which she once held herself in in England is now covered with soot and one side of her hair is black and ashes also affect her making her older than she actually is as the ashes turn her white snout grey and also turn the other half of her hair which is normally dark blue, grey. After she escapes, the vixen almost collapses in exhaustion.

However, she gets her breath back and hearing the sound of the prisoner struggling with the weasels and Marian chases them to the Port of Aden. It is also here where she hijacks a speedboat and races after the weasels much to the shock of Maid Marian who later steals a carbine from a weasel on board, throws him overboard and opens fire; now under fire herself, the vixen rummages for a weapon to use and finds another carbine. As she swerves, Lady Blue struggles to fight off Maid Marian and drive the speedboat at the same time to the point where she throws the carbine away and throws herself onto Marian's boat.

On the speedboat, Marian and Lady Blue grapple trying to throw each other overboard. Eventually Marian throws the driver overboard and races towards the weasels and as Marian does so she knocks the blue vixen out delivering not one prisoner to the other weasels but two in the form of Lady Blue. But the blue vixen recovers and attempts desperately to free the prisoner being reminded of her own daughter, Marian however is having none of it and attacks the vixen again.

The prisoner however is shown to aid Lady Blue as it trips Marian up allowing the vixen to take over the controls. Whilst continuing Marian's journey towards a new civilization, she steals Marian's carbine and shoots out the controls starting a fire on the boat. Marian and Lady Blue jump overboard but the blue vixen helps the prisoner overboard only to later come under attack from Marian who decides that if she can't have the prisoner no one can.

But whilst the prisoner's hands are chained behind her back her legs are free so she uses her legs to keep herself upright. Meanwhile, Lady Blue fights Maid Marian underwater and wins when she forces Marian to the bottom of the sea and swims back up to save the prisoner who by now has started to sink, her legs having given way; the vixen eventually drags the prisoner to dry land hopefully with all the weasels gone.

The vixen drags the prisoner to the nearest part of dry land which comes in the form of the Iranian coast and much to her relief the beach is empty. The water also washes all the soot and ashes away from Lady Blue restoring her to her former glory. With the beach empty, the blue vixen sets about trying to bring the prisoner back to reality; whilst she carried her out of the water draining enough water from her mouth the vixen instead lies the prisoner on her stomach and searches frantically for stones or rocks to smash the shackles off and once she finds them, Lady Blue frees the prisoner from her shackles when she bashes them off with a rock.

The prisoner is then pulled onto her back where she is still breathing but it is very strained and almost as if she is choking. Lady Blue then hauls the prisoner to her feet and hits her on the back to little success as the beats that the prisoner receives are only powerful enough to release small amounts of water from her body but are enough to bring her back to reality. As the prisoner begins to come back to life, the blue vixen drops the prisoner on the floor and she starts coughing again; as the prisoner comes round, the blue vixen is almost shocked to learn that the prisoner resembled not only her daughter but it practically resembles herself.

As she comes around, Lady Blue also learns the prisoner's name: Maya Ali. When Maya asks the vixen her own name, the blue vixen decides that she can no longer worry about telling her real name because she is effectively talking to another blue fox so reveals her name: Lady Blue. Whilst she worries that this ends up alienating Maya, the latter only gives a small smile.

Reality however hits back with Maya as the blue vixen notices that she is starting to succumb to after effects such as the cold in spite of how hot the country is, and so takes Maya Ali to a hospital. On her way to a hospital, Lady Blue is also given a survival blanket for Maya on her journey to the hospital by a market trader who also tells her of her location: Bandar Abbas in Iran.

At the hospital, Lady Blue tells Maya that her name is indeed Lady Blue but asks her to call her "Asma". After dodging another question, the blue vixen asks Maya Ali what the weasels wanted from her which was the rod and as Lady Blue waits for Maya's recovery she looks out the window to find Maid Marian who she believes is coming for Maya.

Her instinct proves her right when the vixens find Marian at the entrance of the hospital ward where Maya is asked again where Aaron's rod is; Marian is delighted when Lady Blue seemingly hands over the rod but when the blue vixen pushes Marian against a wall the vixens flee and with the vixens gone, Marian tests the rod but nothing happens.

Already nearly out of hospital, Maya turns back round to face Marian and punches her in the mouth much to the blue vixen's concern who later hurries her away. She later informs Maya that she in fact has the real rod as it appears in her hand and the voice of the peacock tells her to grab the rod; fearing for the worst and slowly becoming attached to Maya, Lady Blue tells her to hold onto the rod as well. The rod then glows in a sapphire light and the vixens vanish from the streets of Iran.


The Iraqi flag seen in Mirage of Arabia.

The rod takes the vixens to one of the worst countries in the Middle East and one of the most war torn: Iraq. And it also takes them to the worst city in the Middle East ever to live: It's capital city, Baghdad. Lady Blue learns the country from modern flags of Iraq hanging from flagpoles and of Ba'athist Iraqi flags hanging from flagpoles as well and learns the city when they pass under the Swords of Qadisiyah also known as the Victory Arch. Whilst also in Baghdad, Lady Blue becomes frightened when she hears the sound of Iraq's former national anthem being sung by Maya who sings it as if she is in a trance.

As the first verse of the song ends, Lady Blue is able to snap Maya out of her trance and bring her more into the city where the vixens not only see Ba'athist flags but also see, in some cases, the animal portrait of former Iraqi president: Saddam Hussein who is depicted as a Rottweiler. As the vixens journey further into Iraq, they come across the weasels that they met previously in Yemen who frogmarch them to Iraq's most notorious prison Abu Ghraib where they also come across another animal they thought was stranded in Iran: Maid Marian.

The three vixens get into a heated slanging match which also sees the relationship between Lady Blue and Maya Ali which develops over time as they both begin to stand up for each other; Lady Blue stands up for Maya Ali when one of the Iranian stoats beats her with his rifle and Maya Ali stands up for Lady Blue when she is put in handcuffs and even carries on the fight when all of the vixen's energy and fire in her belly seems to be extinguished by the stoats. In the end, both vixens are imprisoned at the prison where they come across more allies of the weasels: Ferrets.

Once the blue vixens are imprisoned Maya tries to forget the altercation whilst Lady Blue becomes a lot more psychologically hurt by the experience. Her cries are also signs that the priggish and egotistical light she once held herself in is now starting to go out indicating that her relationship with Maya has begun to change her personality; little does she also know that this part of the journey will change her forever.

Lady Blue's priggish light is shown to go out when she cannot talk about the feud that she and many other blue foxes had when she was in England and when she says that she cannot talk about it is surprised at the understanding stance that Maya takes on it since she expects a far colder response. After some conversation, Maya intends to help Lady Blue escape and puts the plan into action almost immediately:

First she searches for a guard to steal its weapon, next Maya brings Lady Blue to her feet and shoots off the hinge in the middle of the vixen's handcuffs releasing her arms. Then the blue vixen's wrists are freed when Maya shoots off the lock, finally Lady Blue takes the pistol and tries a method of escape that she learned in Sri Lanka when she burst open a hospital ward door to kill The Tiger: She shoots the lock off allowing the vixens to escape.

But the bullet is heard by the weasels and their allies much to the worry of Maya, but the blue vixen does not care and leaves the main prison regardless. Outside, the vixens come under fire from weasels and their allies which now consist of the Iranian stoats and now Iraqi ferrets; they also are chased by Maid Marian who believes to have seen Aaron's rod in her hands.

Marian is proven right when the blue vixen who originally was fleeing from her now turns around to face her. The vixen distracts Maid Marian by bombarding her with a shower of gnats: The third plague of Egypt. With Marian swatting at the gnats, Lady Blue joins Maya Ali and takes her closer to Baghdad where the rod glows with a sapphire light; once again the vixens grab hold of it as it flashes with a sapphire light. And once this light is gone, the rod has taken the vixens out of Iraq to a new location.

If Iraq is a terrible Middle Eastern country, then Aaron's rod sends Lady Blue and Maya Ali to a Middle Eastern country which is even worse: Syria. And again, the vixens learn they are in Syria through flags. When Lady Blue asks Maya Ali where they are, Maya is at first reluctant to answer and the revelation that the rod has taken the pair to Syria does not strike the blue vixen instantly like the revelation that they were in Iraq previously instead taking time to settle in. She is also not so much concerned for the city as she is irritated by the fact that of the four Middle Eastern countries, just about every flag seems to have the same basic pattern: A horizontal tricolour of red, white and black.

The vixen also learns the city not from any monuments but she actually learns the location from Maya who learns it from signposts; and the city they're in is one of the oldest cities in the world: Damascus, the capital city of Syria. Her view on Damascus also changes greatly since her view on the city of Sana'a where she was both disdainful for it to be called a city but was fascinated by its beautiful architecture.

Her disdainful attitude particularly comes in when the locals see her and Maya as a threat and the streets are also littered either with terrorists now in the form of minks or the army in the form of gazelles, Arabian Oryxes and other Syrian wildlife; as the vixens eye Damascus they are soon captured by the army which Lady Blue finds better than be captured by terrorists again like she was in Iraq.

The vixen is present when a mole informs the army about the terrorists planning their offensive with even more allies including the weasels, the stoats and the ferrets and with the information, the blue vixen and Maya soon learn that if they are to find Marian's next destination they will have to act quickly.

As the Syrian Army plan to retaliate on the minks, Lady Blue also plans herself for her and Maya to stop being the hunted and start being the hunters owing to them being pursued by Maid Marian practically every step of the way through the Middle East except maybe for Iran where she was too focused on getting more allies for the weasels to make up for the three weasels that Lady Blue killed in Yemen.

Eventually the minks and their allies bombard Damascus with rockets to act as a diversion so the weasels, stoats and ferrets can enter and hunt down the vixens; the army however fights back and attacks the terrorists unknowingly being used as cover for Maya and Lady Blue. Amongst the terrorists is Marian who flees when Lady Blue gets her in her sights; the vixens chase Marian through the streets until she vanishes. The vixens also are made to vanish this time in a flash of white light which will unknowingly take them to their penultimate location.

The light takes the vixens to quite possibly the largest country in the Middle East: Saudi Arabia and quite possibly the most unique country of the Middle East because in stark contrast to Iraq and Syria, Saudi Arabia is not as violent; Lady Blue however sees that Saudi Arabia is seriously unique: Practically all the animals on the streets are men and whilst there are women on the streets none of them are alone and are accompanied by men. Also in contrast to Yemen, Iran, Iraq or Syria almost all the women in Saudi Arabia have their faces covered with a niqab.

She also learns the city in which she and Maya have been brought to surprisingly by the locals: Lady Blue and Maya Ali have been brought to the city of Mecca and this is shown when the former discovers all sorts of Muslims roaming the streets as if on pilgrimage and it is also here where the vixens discover the final allies of the weasels: Otters on their way to the Grand mosque of Mecca ready to kill thousands of pilgrims.

The weasels and their allies open fire on orders of Maid Marian who is also at the mosque incognito, and in doing so the weasels kill fifty Muslim pilgrims. But Marian herself comes under fire when the blue vixen struggles with an otter and so it inevitably fires on her; with their cover blown the otters, weasels and other animals flee the mosque under pursuit of the army who have been called in.

Lady Blue and Maya Ali chase the weasels to the harbor where it becomes total chaos as some weasels animals are so desperate to get on board it becomes more of a rescue operation than a getaway because some barely get on board and some boats are even overcrowded; seemingly all the boats are stolen by the weasels leaving the vixens stranded.

Or so they think; The army advance on the harbor and open fire on the the escaping weasels. The weasels and their allies return fire killing one soldier which Lady Blue steals a weapon from whilst Maya steals a boat to chase the weasels on; as the chase begins Maya tells the vixen "I'll drive! You shoot!" as the speedboat pursues the weasels hopefully to the last location of the chase.

As the chase begins, Lady Blue comes under fire from Maid Marian and later returns fire but is forced to retreat when Marian calls for support. She later takes over the controls from Maya Ali and tries to avoid the countless shower of bullets and underwater explosions that the boat comes under; after some attacks from the weasels and their allies, Lady Blue has Maya Ali take the controls over again and attacks one of the otters killing it and stealing its grenade launcher. She later uses it to kill several of the otters when the grenades sink their boats causing them to drown.

Maya Ali under the vixen's direction then speeds up to boat to catch up with Maid Marian who by now has thrown the driver overboard and taken over the controls. By now it is just Marian, Lady Blue and Maya Ali on the Arabian sea as they are so far away from the weasels and their allies; as Marian gets close to civilization Lady Blue actually lets Marian get a head start much to the shock of Maya who has never let Marian out of her sight as they get to the last location.

The new location does not appear to be anywhere significant at first because it first appears as a village near the Mediterranean sea, as they get closer Lady Blue had Maya turn off the engine intending to walk the rest of the way into civilization. Once they get onto the beach, Maya asks Lady Blue a question that she left unanswered: How is she so sure that she will get the fifth component first? but Lady Blue answers when Aaron's rod appears in her hands.

Lady Blue then gives Maya a gesture that signify that she is handing over the rod and asks "Onwards?" to which Maya smiles and replies "Onwards!" and grabs the rod. The rod glows with silver light and transports them into the Sahara desert where it is here where Lady Blue learns her location almost instantly: Egypt. Largely because she sees the pyramids of Giza and other Ancient Egyptian architecture.


The Valley of the Kings.

Also, instead of vanishing the rod stays in Lady Blue's hand as it glows with a silver light pulling her and Maya to the pyramids; however once they get there it changes course and takes them to another location: The Valley of the Kings.

The silver light that the rod once glowed with now goes out as a disembodied voice orders the vixens to go inside and once they do, Lady Blue gets the feeling that she has been sent back in time to the Ancient Egyptian era as she dwells further into the Valley which she finds to be a necropolis full of the tombs of Ancient Egyptian pharaohs.

On further exploration, the blue vixen finds the fifth component of the Doomsday Weapon nearby a sarcophagus with its lid slightly open; Lady Blue manages to open the lid and she manages it much more than she would have done if the sarcophagus was sealed. But as she opens the sarcophagus, a gun cocking stops her in her tracks forcing Lady Blue and Maya Ali to stop what they are doing under coercion from an all too familiar voice: Maid Marian.

The appearance of Maid Marian almost loses Lady Blue's friendship with Maya Ali as the latter turns on her and calls her a liar when she said that they would reach the fifth component first; despite her attempts to persuade Maya that she is not a liar Lady Blue's words fall on deaf ears. Her attention however becomes focused exclusively on Marian as she demands an explanation as to why she got there first; Marian's answer horrifies Lady Blue: The black cat sent her to Egypt first and had her hide in the Valley of the Kings waiting in the shadows for the vixens.

Sensing her chance, Marian attempts to turn Maya against Lady Blue even further to even less avail than the latter's attempts to convince Maya to stay on her side: Maya instead remembers her relationship with the blue vixen and stands by her side as a sign of dedication. But Marian reveals she did not come alone as she whistles for her allies to enter the room and surround the vixens.

The blue vixen seems to turn to the dark side when Marian orders her to give her Aaron's rod, but the blue vixen pulls the strings by asking about the fifth component of the Doomsday Weapon striking something in the weasel leader who demands the fifth component. Lady Blue seems to turn to the dark side even more when she gives the fifth component to the weasel leader who snatches it off her; and as he does, the vixen gives out a cruel laugh.

Lady Blue actually gives the fifth component which is the Staff of Moses to the weasels to kill them as they all find out. Once she gives the staff to the weasel's leader nothing happens at first; then it glows with a ruby red light and turns into a snake slithering onto the weasel leader's neck. The Valley glows with an emerald green light as more snakes appear on the weasels and their allies and also on the other leaders, the snakes kill off the weasels, stoats, otters, minks and ferrets by the masses as they die screaming.

Raiders of the Lost Ark - The opening of the Ark - The LORD's vengeance!!

Raiders of the Lost Ark - The opening of the Ark - The LORD's vengeance!!

A more grotesque representation of the deaths of the weasel leader and their allies. Taken from Raiders of the Lost Ark, 1981

The leaders die in particularly horrifying circumstances as Maya sees when she cowers in fear as Lady Blue consoles her: The weasel leader dies quickly when the snake releases quick acting venom into his body, the stoat leader is covered in boils from head to foot which start to swell forcing him to watch the other deaths: The ferret leader dies with the snake's teeth anchored into his neck, the mink and otter leaders die when their respective snakes spit venom on them. Then finally, the stoat leader dies when the boils on his body burst releasing blood and pus everywhere with enough force to kill him; with the weasels and their allies dead and the vixens the only animals remaining the Staff returns back to normal causing the corpses to vanish.

With these deaths, Maya slowly relaxes her grip on Lady Blue's waist and lets go of her as the latter states grimly and almost with a sense of disgust "It's over!". Maya then replies that the experience was horrible believing the act to be the revenge of God or as she calls him "Allah", as she tries to cope with the deaths the screams come back to haunt Maya and Lady Blue consoles her again.

After a while, the Staff of Moses and Aaron's rod glow with a sapphire light and vanish meaning that Lady Blue has found the penultimate components of the Doomsday weapon. The sound of the peacock's disembodied voice instructs her to meet him outside where the peacock prepares to take Lady Blue on the next part of the quest but before he can, she has a request for him: To send Maya Ali home.

The peacock first gives the vixens time to compose themselves then after that moment is up, Lady Blue says her goodbyes to Maya as the peacock sends her home. With Maya gone, the blue vixen is warned that if she went with an assistant all the way then her journey would be over but since she has only done it once and is getting closer to the end of the journey allows her to continue.

Upon these words, Lady Blue is delighted much to the peacock's surprise because the first time they met she wanted nothing to do with the quest. The peacock then casts a spell on Lady Blue sending her closer to home to a new location.

Search for the Sword:

88810 ARM1445 IMG 00 0000

Unlike the other three stories in the Journey of the Vixen series Operation Maharaja, All Animals are Equal and Mirage of Arabia where she appears gradually, Lady Blue appears almost instantly in the penultimate story Search for the Sword.

Following from the events of Mirage of Arabia, the vixen is sent to Turkey's former capital city Istanbul where the peacock certainly restores Lady Blue back to her days of glory and puts the "Lady" back into her name much to her surprise as the vixen is also sent to a villa and lives a brief life of luxury; Lady Blue having the "Lady" put back into her name comes from the near end of The Animals of Farthing Wood episode "New Enemies" where she chases a stoat who says this to her:

"A stoat's beneath the notice of a Lady like you."

She is first seen at a disused Turkish villa swimming in the villa's swimming pool which is described as a refresher to the events that she has experienced, not to mention the water helps her to cool down physically as it helps her cope with the scorching heat of the Arabian desert and it helps her to cope psychologically after she had to send Maya Ali home back to Yemen.

As she gets out of the pool and drapes herself in a towel, Lady Blue dries herself off and just at at that moment receives a phone call from a disembodied voice asking to talk to "the blue vixen". An annoyed vixen states that the voice is talking to the blue vixen and demands what the voice wants. The answer: Lady Blue is wanted for a meeting at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in the morning and a car will pick her up.

The vixen however does not learn the voice's name and tries to ask how she knows she can trust the voice but it hangs up and the vixen resumes drying herself off including blow drying her hair and running it through a hair comb. A now dried off blue vixen prepares to settle down for the night but is unsettled by the phone call and puzzled as to why of all places the voice wants her to meet her at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque when there are at least 2,994 active mosques in Istanbul where the voice could meet her. As she tries to drift off to sleep, Lady Blue tries to forget the phone call and believe that all will be revealed in the morning.

In the morning, Lady Blue wakes up almost instantly as her bedroom has no curtains or if it does, she has them drawn back all through the night. As a result, the vixen is woken by the sun; The first place she goes is the bathroom where she washes her face to wake herself up and pull herself together; as she washes her face, the vixen hears the sound of a car horn indicating her lift has come.

Toyota Century 2

The Toyota Century that takes Lady Blue to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque. This particular car is also used for The Company in the Cold War II series and is owned by Romanian secret agent Lavinia Dumitrescu.

The vixen's lift comes in the form of a jet black second generation Toyota Century. Still in awe of the life she has led so far in Turkey the vixen approaches the car and enters the back and once she is inside the car drives to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque; but the car is discovered to be too good to be true as Lady Blue discovers that no one is in fact driving the car.

Five minutes later during which time the vixen tries to shout to passers by in the streets that she is being kidnapped to no avail, Lady Blue arrives at the Sultan Ahmed Mosque where she has the same reaction to the mosque as she does in Sana'a in Mirage of Arabia. This mosque however settles her because there is no chair in the distance and no one to hold her at gunpoint and force her inside; but her fears come back to haunt her as a different coloured light flashes before her eyes: This light being a black-grey colour and with the flash of light, Lady Blue feels as though she has been lured into a trap.

As she enters the Sultan Ahmed Mosque she comes across an ally of the White Peacock: An owl who then explains his reasoning for bringing her here. Lady Blue learns that she was brought here because the black cat is closing in and it is at this point where she will have to fight for survival; she has been brought to Turkey because she cannot fight for her life with an ordinary weapon; instead she is tasked with searching for the legendary Sword of Attila: The legendary sword belonging to Attila the Hun.

The owl also touches on Lady Blue's partnership with Maya Ali from Mirage of Arabia which brings her to tears and she explains why she had Maya sent home: Lady Blue had Maya Ali sent back to Yemen to protect her because she had already experienced the wrath of the black cat's new agent and couldn't risk of having to keep her eye on her all of the time. The consequences of Maya getting into the black cat's hands would also be catastrophic and change Lady Blue for the worse as she could never be the same vixen ever again.

Shortly after composing herself, the owl tells her of the Sword of Attila and of Attila the Hun before sending Lady Blue on her search for the sword. Her search begins at a former Ottoman palace and residence of Ottoman sultans: The Topkadi Palace which confuses her because she would expect the palace to be in Greece instead of Turkey.

The history of the palace also makes Lady Blue feel like she is part of another world such as Arabian Nights, a feeling which is increased when she finds a shadow in the corridor. She first believes the figure to be Maid Marian or another ally of the black cat and is shocked to find out that the figure is actually an old enemy: The Tiger who she killed in Sri Lanka; this time dressed like an Ottoman vizier or an Arabian sorcerer armed with a cobra head staff.

His appearance shocks Lady Blue because the last time they met, she was the one who killed him. The Tiger declares he is back for revenge and blasts the vixen with energy from his staff causing her to flee behind various pieces of furniture but certainly not keeping her from hearing the Tiger's taunts; his staff later vanishes as he and the vixen grab scimitars and fight in the palace. And the vixen wins again when she disarms the Tiger and throws him out of a window into the river.

With The Tiger dead, the vixen's whole body goes limp as she falls to the ground and vanishes in a flash of blue light. The light takes her to the mountains of Turkey where she comes across yet another fuming voice entity, this time in the form of a red cat who informs her that Attila was buried in the mountains of Turkey to prevent anyone from breaking into his tomb.

The conversation however has been heard by old enemies of Lady Blue as she is sent on her way to find the Tomb of Attila: The ferrets that she and Maya Ali encountered in Iraq who proceed to pursue her through the mountains on her way to the tomb; as they return the ferrets have noticeably changed as they no longer wear the fine Arabian garments they wore in their original appearance and instead are a lot more disheveled.

At first, Lady Blue is forced to take the ferrets on lying down as she is forced to flee from them as they open fire on her. Pretty soon, more ferrets come to attack and one even attacks her with an RPG dangerously close to blowing her right leg off but it also uproars the surrounding ground sending soils and stones everywhere; the vixen comes to see that if she can't fight off the ferrets with guns then she is going to have to improvise and improvise she certainly does:

Using a rock formation as cover, Lady Blue fights back; throwing stones at the ferrets forcing them into a retreat. The stones also hit some in the head and in the stomach knocking some out; with the coast clear, Lady Blue then rushes to search the ferrets that have been knocked out by the stones she threw for a flare gun. Unfortunately for her, none of the ferrets appear to have one, except the last ferret that she knocked out. She pulls the flare gun from this ferret's possession and also takes his gun so she can defend herself against other enemies that she may come across.

The ferrets come back for Lady Blue with reinforcements but this time she fights back with the gun she stole from the same ferret that she stole the flare gun from. Now armed with the ferret's real gun instead of the flare gun the vixen fights back killing five ferrets and with these five deaths runs for cover and fires the flare gun attracting the attention of the army.

The army still in the form of gazelles rushes to Lady Blue's aid as she thinks back to how she and Maya Ali escaped from Syria: By using the army as cover. Once the army general reaches Lady Blue she tells a true lie; she tells the general that she is under attack from the ferrets which is true but she also uses the sympathy vote to get the army on her side. But whilst the gazelles valiantly fight off the ferrets killing more, the ferrets call the cavalry and kill even more gazelles causing the latter to call in reinforcements in the form of Arabian Oryxes.

It is now here where Lady Blue sees her chance: With the Oryxes joining the gazelles in the fight against the ferrets, the vixen races out of cover to an army truck despite an Oryx's attempt to stop her; but she gets to the truck first, throws the driver out and takes over the truck locking the doors. The Oryx tries to force her to come out but the vixen just smiles at him in a teasing manner then says "Have fun! Bye Bye!" and drives off with the truck leaving the army stranded.

One of the gazelles contacts his superior telling him that the ferrets are winning the battle and is instructed to tell his men to retreat...but the ferrets also retreat as they chase after the vixen who has her foot jammed down on the accelerator on her way to the tomb of Attila. As she gets closer, the vixen unlocks the doors, relaxes her grip on the accelerator and prepares for the worst: As she gets closer to a steep hill, the vixen throws open the driver's door, throws the rifle out and throws herself out as well resulting in a bumpy landing but not quite as bumpy a landing as she experienced in Russia or Sri Lanka.

The vixen watches as the truck she stole rolls down the hill and is destroyed. Ten minutes later, the vixen gets her strength back and prepares to journey further into the tomb of Attila, but her erratic journey has also resulted in the truck leaving tire tracks behind which results in the ferrets coming for her. They follow the tracks to the tomb of Attila and enter the tomb when they discover Lady Blue's footprints.

Inside, the vixen plays a deadly game of chess as she tries to get the Sword of Attila: One foot wrong and the board reduces her to a charred corpse. She puts one foot on a black square and nothing happens so steps on this square first; but she hears the voices of the ferrets coming for her so shoots out the squares to get herself across (any squares that fizzle are deadly and squares that do nothing are safe).

By the time the ferrets confront Lady Blue she is already across the chessboard and it is here where they give her one last chance; At first, the vixen does nothing and simply replies with a spiteful "Come and get me!" as the chess board regenerates; the ferrets also do nothing and Lady Blue becomes impatient telling them:

"Come on! You want me? You've got me!"

The ferret leader decides to send half of his men across but the board has already regenerated so he has no idea of which squares are safe and which squares are deadly. And so the ferret leader sends half his men across and as Lady Blue watches, electricity stabs out at the ferrets reducing them to charred corpses; with the ferrets dead, the vixen opens fire on the remaining ferrets killing them and continues on her search for the sword.

As she journeys into the mausoleum, Lady Blue carries on eventually reaching the body of Attila the Hun who lies in state like Ataturk or Stalin. With all the obstacles overcome, the vixen prepares to take the sword from Attila's body. But before she does, Lady Blue looks around one last time for agents of the black cat and once she is confident there are none throws away her assault rifle, approaches the body of Attila and prises his fingers off the Sword.

As she recovers the sword, the vixen holds it proudly in the air. Once she has it, the White Peacock congratulates her on finding the sword and informs her that she is now going home...or at least as near home as she can get and this time she is fighting for her life. The peacock then casts a spell on Lady Blue taking her out of Turkey and to the last location on her journey.

But unknown to her Maid Marian has recovered the last component of the Doomsday Weapon from Wales and shows it to the black cat at her residence in Insole Court in the distract of Llandaff. With the black cat ready to act and Lady Blue send to the last location on her journey, the race is on to reach the Doomsday Weapon first. At stake: The future of the whole universe if Lady Blue loses...and if she wins; a reward like no other.

Duel of the Vixens:

Nottinghamshire sn

The final location of Lady Blue's journey: Nottinghamshire.

The last location of Lady Blue's journey for the Doomsday Weapon finally takes her home...or at least, home as she knows it as the peacock sends her back to England; whilst Lady Blue believes that the peacock has sent her to her old home at Bernwood Forest in Oxfordshire, she is actually sent to Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire: The legendary home of Robin Hood. This story is also unique in the sense that the vixen is not tasked with finding a component for the Doomsday Weapon instead being tasked with reclaiming a component for the Doomsday Weapon because the last component is actually in the hands of the black cat.

The peacock also informs Lady Blue that she is to reclaim the final component of the Doomsday Weapon and take them to a particular location where he will assemble the weapon and she will destroy it. Despite being sent on her way, the vixen stays behind in Sherwood Forest in case she can chase any allies of the black cat.

Her chase of an agent of the black cat comes when the black cat sends her agent armed with the last component through Sherwood Forest to the city of Nottingham; but she also has sheathed her sword away as she has stolen a belt from the supposed body of a Middle Ages fighter and wears it around her waist like a corset albeit with disgust as she effectively is wearing an accessory from a dead body. With her sword sheathed away, the vixen spots a figure running through the forest and gives chase through the forest.

The chase ends in the city of Nottingham where Lady Blue tries desperately to find the figure, even turning to locals for help. Only it doesn't work at all and she ends up storming off in a huff when she asks them if she has found a vixen and some locals reply "I'm looking at one." but storming off in a huff seems to help the vixen because she eventually finds the location where the figure was meant to take the sword.

Lady Blue intends to distract the figure by striking a wall down with the Sword of Attila and throwing a stone at the figure striking it at the back of her neck. But the force is not powerful enough so Lady Blue tries again this time getting the figure's attention and bringing the figure to light: Maid Marian. Now in Marian's eyes, the vixen brings her to a blacksmiths where she hides incredibly well waiting for Marian to blow her own cover.

Her cover blown, Lady Blue kicks Excalibur out of Marian's hands and tries to grab it first but Marian grabs her ankle and trips her up. Excalibur now in Marian's hands, she points the point of the sword at Lady Blue's throat ordering her to get to her feet; the vixen however refuses to get up unless Marian takes her sword away from her throat to which Marian reluctantly agrees.

At first, Lady Blue tries to get answers to where Marian was taking the sword but Marian refuses to answer resulting in a sword fight that escalates through Nottingham and to another country house where this time, Lady Blue loses. After Marian kicks her away from her after she tries to kill Marian, Lady Blue is sent flying into a table at a dining hall but unknowingly picks up a knife and throws it in Marian's direction.

The knife that Lady Blue throws strikes Marian in the back causing her to die but before she dies, the blue vixen asks Marian the question that she had been asking for a long time: Where would the last component have gone? And finally she gets the answer: Nottingham Castle. But Marian dies before she says that the weapon would also have been assembled at the castle; the vixen however doesn't care and runs away for Nottingham Castle.


Nottingham Castle.

At Nottingham Castle, Lady Blue appears to see the White Peacock standing above all the components that she recovered:

However she does feel a sense of concern as the normally soft voice which the peacock spoke with when they first met in India and later when she had Maya Ali sent home to Yemen is now replaced with a more aggressive tone. Her suspicions are confirmed after the peacock roars: "You have confounded me, for the last time!" and with these words, the peacock flashes before Lady Blue's eyes to reveal: The black cat.

Lady Blue tries to force the black cat not to activate the Doomsday Weapon but the black cat petrifies her when the vixen learns that she has effectively given the last component to the black cat as the latter disguised herself as someone she could trust. With the last component in her grasp, the cat activates the Doomsday weapon and Lady Blue can only look on in terror as Nottingham Castle is converted into the heart of the weapon; once it is over, the vixen comes to her senses and watches the black cat smile at her with a sense of malice.

The Doctor mocks Davros - Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks - BBC

The Doctor mocks Davros - Doctor Who - Remembrance of the Daleks - BBC

The Doctor Who scene that Lady Blue's ridicule of Mirage comes from. Taken from Remembrance of the Daleks, 1988. Main scene is from 1:56 to 3:28.

As the smile dies down, Lady Blue starts a slanging match against the black cat warning her that the weapon is not to be trifled with but an un-ruffled cat believes that she can handle the technology capably much to Lady Blue's doubts. As the black cat flies into a rage, the blue vixen ridicules her and spends so long lampooning her that she misses the black cat talking about the red vixen at Bernwood, something of which sparks the interest of the black cat.

The black cat's rage cools down and now turns to one of hysteria as she stops trying to kill Lady Blue and instead tries to persuade her to join her side with talk of the amount of power that she could have if she was to join the black cat; at first, Lady Blue is not convinced by the black cat and asks her how the universe would be improved if she was to join the cat:

The cat explains that with the vixen by her side, she could become a goddess and even restart the Red-Blue fox feud of Bernwood Forest, this time with the blue foxes as the victors. And with the blue foxes as the victors, she could save the countless lives that both sides lost and could even bring back her mate, but this is not all as the black cat simply tells her to:

"Think of it, vixen! What you could do with power like that!"

Following a convincing enough speech from the black cat, Lady Blue undergoes a sense of indecision of what she wants to do (restore the blue foxes back to their days of glory) and what she has to do (destroy the Doomsday Weapon) and her choices are as follows: Domination with the black cat? Or total destruction of everything that ever existed?

Rulers of the Galaxy - Doctor Who - Colony in Space - BBC

Rulers of the Galaxy - Doctor Who - Colony in Space - BBC

The main Doctor Who scene used to make Mirage's ill fated persuasion to Lady Blue to rule the world with her. Taken from Colony in Space, 1973. Scene goes up to 1:52.

Five seconds later, Lady Blue gives the black cat an evasive answer stating that she is glad that she was born in England and thus learned the principle of "Power tends to corrupt. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.". Sick of her evasive response the black cat demands a simple yes or no response: Lady Blue's response is a no in spite of how much the black cat tries to tempt her but the vixen stands her ground stating that she will not join the cat in her "bizarre dreams of conquest."

The cat tries to convince Lady Blue even further by showing her numerous planetary systems and with the weapon they could rule them all; but the vixen continues to stand her ground and says that whilst she hates Vixen she only wants to bully her not kill her. With this, the black cat seems to give up all hope and goes back to trying to kill Lady Blue.

She is interrupted by another follower of the White peacock who demands an explanation: The cat states that she wants to restore Nottingham and England to their former glory but the vixen counters by asking if the weapon ever brought good to civilization: The weapon has never brought good to any civilization; only fear, Lady Blue then states that unless the weapon is destroyed it will be used for evil. The black cat tries to persuade Lady Blue once more by stating with the weapon they could control everything in the universe and could be goddesses.

The follower tries to tell the cat that she is not fit to be a goddess but the cat doesn't listen and atomizes her hoping that with this follower out of the way, nothing can persuade Lady Blue to change sides. But the vixen stands her corner and destroys the Doomsday Weapon and indeed Nottingham Castle; but the weapon releases the first and last components for the two animals to use in battle.

The foes flee to a Nottinghamshire graveyard where the black cat tries to convince Lady Blue that with the Doomsday Weapon she could have been free of grief, rage and pain but the vixen states "You might as well kill me!" and the pair fight with Lady Blue armed with the Trishula and the cat armed with Excalibur. Lightning shoots out of both weapons but the black cat wins when she knocks the Trishula out of the vixen's hands and indeed throws her off her feet and into a grave.

With Lady Blue down, the cat prepares to strangle her and gives out an evil laugh in triumph as the vixen begins to suffocate and struggles to get the cat's iron grip off her throat. But the black cat holds her so close to her face that Lady Blue strikes, sinking her teeth into the black cat's neck like a vampire after she remembers back to a fight that she had with Vixen at Bernwood. Her attack causes the cat to scream in pain and release the vixen from her grip.

Once released from the cat's grip, the vixen trips the cat up and tells her not to talk to her about absolute power because she has had her share of it and it has almost corrupted her inside; she also states that if she kept that priggish light she once held herself in, she never would have saved Maya Ali from drowning in the Arabian sea as she holds the point of her sword at the cat's throat.

As the cat slowly gets to her feet, she arms herself with Excalibur and roars at the vixen to die. With these words, the vixen replies "Your wish is my command!" and a massive sword fight ensues heavily injuring both sides, as Lady Blue viciously attacks the cat she puts her out of action when she launches a devastating kangaroo style kick at the black cat's back; a downed black cat then asks "Who are what are you vixen? Tell me!"

The vixen seems to have waited a long time for this question to be asked and replies something she said a long time ago in front of Vixen:

"I am no common red fox used to brawling... I am Lady Blue!"

The cat challenges the vixen to another duel where Lady Blue appears to retreat as she sheaths the Sword of Attila, takes her belt off and throws it away causing the cat to call her a coward.

Lady Blue actually arms herself with a tree branch and attacks the cat with it, downing her. As the black cat is downed, she watches as the Sword of Attila vanishes and is replaced by the Trishula; the vixen uses the Trishula to kill the black cat, wiping her from existence and reducing her to ashes. As Lady Blue throws the trident away, she is confronted by the White peacock who intends to give her a reward like no other; but she refuses the reward at first when she hears the words of the black cat echoing in her ears:


First, she asks the peacock to send the red vixen and the other animals that were with her to a new home as Bernwood has been destroyed and the peacock obeys; sending the animals to Brampton Wood in Cambridgeshire. The peacock then returns to Lady Blue and intends to send her to a new home; but first he casts a spell on the vixen restoring her back to her normal animal form, nonetheless at the vixen's request:

"You know what they say. All good things must come to an end; I've enjoyed this form, but in this world we have a principle: Four legs good. Two legs bad." The peacock was taken aback by this statement greatly for he had two legs; but Lady Blue just laughed and continued:

"Or rather: Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy. And whatever goes upon four legs or has wings is a friend." putting the peacock at rest as she added: "But in this case; it is two legs good, four legs better." The vixen's final words to the peacock were: "Bring me back to my true form!"

After some difficulty walking (because since being sent to Sri Lanka Lady Blue has been used to walking on two legs), the vixen slowly comes round and the peacock casts another spell on her sending her to the last location of her journey and a new home: Whippendell Wood in Hertfordshire.


Whippendell Wood, Lady Blue's new home at the end of Duel of the Vixens and the Journey of the Vixen series sequel, Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame. This is also her home since Duel of the Vixens.

Lady Blue's location in Hertfordshire and the red vixen's location in Cambridgeshire effectively means that the former rival vixens are now county neighbors (both live in neighboring counties), and it is here where the vixen feels like she can start all over again; a feeling increased when the peacock takes her to a fox pack comprised of twenty nine blue vixens.

Her appearance also causes surprise among these vixens and a very different reaction to how she normally would see blue vixens or foxes: Some of these vixens welcome her and share great optimism of her joining them whilst others see her as a threat as she is originally from Oxfordshire and because of her Oxfordshirean upbringing see her as a trespasser, even reminding Lady Blue of herself when the red and blue foxes were at war. These vixens cause a very different reaction to how she would normally see blue vixens or foxes because she once believed that any blue vixen or fox is an ally.

One of these blue vixens asks the vixen how she got into Hertfordshire to which she replies with: "Long story. I'll tell you all about it later." and as a last act of rehabilitation and proof that the priggish light she once held herself in has well and truly gone keeps her word as at night, the other blue vixens surround her either sitting in a circle or laying in a circle as she begins her story with the words "My story begins in Oxfordshire...." then Lady Blue proceeds to tell the whole story of the journey to the vixens: The Journey of the Vixen.

Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame:

Lady Blue

A picture of Lady Blue shown at Chicheley Hall.

After a break from literature in the form of The Curse of Maid Marian, Lady Blue returns in the sequel to the Journey of the Vixen series Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame as the deuteragonist.

Lady Blue's awful attitude shown at the beginning of Journey of the Vixen is also shown to resurface in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame particularly when she is revealed to Vixen by Belladonna and as revealed later, it resurfaces because of Belladonna.

In this story, she is shown as more of an anti hero like she was in Journey of the Vixen up and til All Animals are Equal instead of the heroic light she was shown in in the later stages of the Journey of the Vixen series in particular Mirage of Arabia and Duel of the Vixens; when she returns as well, the blue vixen is even believed to be the secondary antagonist.

All Animals are Equal makes Lady Blue a joint record holder with Sasha le Fleur for the longest absence of a protagonist, but Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame makes her another record holder, this time for the longest absence for a character's interaction with a protagonist because whilst Lady Blue does not appear in a physical form until Part 8 where she is shown in a cage, she and Vixen do not interact with each other until Part 10.

Whilst she is the secondary antagonist/deuteragonist in the story, the vixen's first appearance is actually being shown in a ten picture long slideshow at Chicheley Hall in Buckinghamshire with the photos being taken by a man called Harrington. His superior pleased with the pictures that Harrington has collected of Lady Blue sends him to capture her and bring her to Buckinghamshire with the help of his hunting dog.

On his way to Cambridgeshire, Carrington who was tasked with capturing Vixen and Dreamer by Dinsmore receives a phone call from Harrington's boss informing him that the blue vixen has been captured and what remains is for the reds to be captured. At Cambridgeshire, Carrington writes in his notebook "123 B.V D R.V" which actually becomes his schedule:

The Blue Vixen was captured first in Hertfordshire by Harrington and his whippet which means that Dreamer will be the next target in Cambridgeshire and Dreamer's mother the Red Vixen will be last.

Lady Blue finally appears in a physical form in the boot of Harrington's car in a cage. With her outside of the cage is her captor's pet whippet Belladonna; she demands an explanation as to why she has been taken out of Hertfordshire and put in the back of a car but the whippet beats her cage ordering her to be quiet. The vixen however refuses to be quiet resulting in Belladonna beating her cage again and this time it silences Lady Blue especially as her captor's pet snarls "You'll find out when we get there!"

2645403 8666d782

Ascott House, Lady Blue's first destination.

The vixen's destination becomes Harrington's home as Ascott House in the hamlet of Ascott in Buckinghamshire. At first, Belladonna comes out of Harrington's car and before her cage is taken out, Harrington checks to see that the coast is clear then makes Lady Blue blind when he covers her cage with black cloth and takes her inside putting her cage in a back room that is like a storage facility or a basement and leaves her there with the door open ajar.

As Carrington arrives, her captor takes another cage off him and the cages unknowingly containing Lady Blue's old rival and her daughter are placed with hers with her rival's placed right next to hers. Lady Blue is finally revealed as Vixen's opponent in the fighting ring by Belladonna.

Lady Blue tells Vixen "So, we meet again Vixen!" to which Vixen actually retaliates by calling her by her proper name (In The Animals of Farthing Wood, Vixen does not call Lady Blue by her name until A Time of Reckoning). The blue vixen is astounded and angry as to how Vixen learned her name to which her rival takes her back to the final events of the aforementioned A Time of Reckoning where Vixen and Lady Blue engaged in a vicious fight which resulted in the former being scarred on the shoulder and the latter having her ear torn (by the events of this story however and the events preceding this story Lady Blue's torn ear has regenerated and Vixen's shoulder is back to normal).

The vixens get into an even more heated argument when Lady Blue ignores Vixen and instead goes after Dreamer; then finally she strikes Vixen where it hurts when she calls red foxes always spoiling for a fight and the primary reason for the Red-Blue fox feud. As Vixen goes quiet being unable to go on, the blue vixen smiles faintly and is told by Belladonna:

"That's it, Lady Blue! Strike her where it hurts!"

The blue vixen takes even more advantage of the red vixen being unable to continue with the slanging match and her priggish, egotistical light comes back when she boasts:

"I am everything better than her. I'm better than her, I'm cleverer than her, I'm deadlier than her and I am more flexible than her!"

Belladonna then states "That you are Lady Blue! THAT YOU ARE!" and with these words whippet and vixen descend into cackling at Vixen's demise. Lady Blue however is shown to have some sympathy for Vixen as she stops laughing at her much earlier than Belladonna does, when Belladonna explains fox-baiting to Vixen however the blue vixen smiles with malice as she looks forward to possibly tearing her opponents to pieces.

But her malicious smile disappears when Belladonna returns to the storage facility having eavesdropped on Harrington's conversation with Harrison who is the man who ordered the capture of all three vixens and thus heard Harrison's voice say:

"Red vixens are replaceable Harrington! The blue vixen is unique!"

Belladonna tells her that the fight has been changed so she no longer fights Vixen which makes her respond with "Well, that's just great!" and in contrast to her rival who feels heartbroken at the news that her new opponent is her own daughter, the blue vixen feels cheated and angry at the fact that her chances of killing Vixen are now gone. After Vixen lambasts Belladonna and calls her worse than her rival, Lady Blue takes the comment personally and accuses Vixen of making her out to be some kind of monster with no regard for animal life.

She is effectively later put with Vixen on the back seat of Harrington's car when Belladonna and all three vixens are taken out of Ascott House to a new location. As they are taken to a new location, Belladonna's malignant influence works on Lady Blue to an extent when Vixen tries to apologize to her rival and her rival tells her to go away.


Dropmore House, the location of the fox fight that the three vixens are taken to.

But the influence of Belladonna is shown to fade away rapidly as it is actually Lady Blue who apologizes to Vixen about her daughter and equally to her surprise is prepared to let things go in terms of the arguments the pair had. The fight location becomes Dropmore House and Dropmore Park where Lady Blue is the last vixen taken to a storage room and there is set free with the other red vixens. Letting the vixens roam free however becomes Harrington's last action because once this action is done, he takes himself out into the gardens and dies when he bites down on a suicide pill.

Whilst upset and angry at the fight being changed, Lady Blue also replies that she is relieved because had she gone up against Vixen, she would have died one way or another: Either being killed by Vixen or being left with injuries so atrocious that she would have to be put to sleep. However when Vixen asks her how she feels, Lady Blue phrases it in such a vain way that her rival ends up shooting herself in the foot causing Vixen to change tactics and give a more evasive approach to get Lady Blue on her side with the principle "If you can't beat them, join them"

As Vixen gets more evasive, Lady Blue grows more impatient and irritated to the point where she demands a simple explanation; and once she gets it, she is astonished by what Vixen is asking her to do: She explains that she wants to get out of Buckinghamshire and Lady Blue wants to get out of Buckinghamshire; but to do it, then the red and blue vixens are going to have to work together.

But Belladonna's malignant influence comes back to Lady Blue and an infuriated blue vixen refuses to cooperate saying:

"Me?! Work with YOU?! Which planet are you orbiting?"

As well as accusing Vixen of making her out to be some kind of monster, she also accuses her of being "mad" when she takes her back to the time when the Farthing Wood animals went to Bernwood Forest. The blue vixen further refuses to work with Vixen describing the opportunity as being "about as attractive as eating the carrion of a chicken" then finally she turns away from Vixen and gives her the silent treatment.

Once Vixen tries to negotiate again, Lady Blue throws her onto her back and pins her down warning her that she tried to kill Vixen once before and she could do it again...only to find herself pinned on her back by Vixen who warns her that she tore her ear off once before and she could easily tear the other off and make her fully deaf.

Lady Blue tries to reconcile with Vixen but ends up being choked when she has Vixen's paw pressed against her throat. Eventually she gives in and listens to Vixen's plan...or tries because as Vixen tries to explain, the blue vixen refuses to listen and is promptly hit across the face by Vixen who tells her to be quiet and listen. Put in her place by her rival, the plan is as follows:

The plan is to allow Dreamer and herself into the fighting ring so as to avoid any suspicion which would mean that Belladonna may be sent in to try and provoke an attack. Belladonna and Vixen would fight each other which would more than likely result in her being thrown off; when the whippet goes after Dreamer, Lady Blue would defend her before both adult vixens would advance on Belladonna and kill her.

With the resulting carnage, the vixens would then flee the county back to their respective homes: For Vixen and Dreamer, Cambridgeshire and for Lady Blue, Hertfordshire. The time comes for a fight when fox-baiters arrive to take Vixen and Dreamer to the fighting ring as spectators arrive seemingly to watch the red vixens fight.

As the three vixens eat a last meal, the blue vixen watches as the red vixens are taken away to an arena ready for a fight. With their departure however, Lady Blue sets off after them once she sees Belladonna heading for the arena and whilst she gets close to the arena the words "And...BEGIN!" signal a sense of terror for the vixen as Vixen's plan is failing...

But after the fight is announced, a very awkward silence is followed by a ludicrously fake fight which makes Lady Blue laugh especially as she gets closer and spots some spectators being so disappointed and angry at the fight that they start to go home. The sense of terror however comes back when she sees Belladonna enter the arena and go straight for Dreamer.

She is also the one who loses the fight for both whippet and vixen when it is Lady Blue who actually reaches Dreamer first, sheltering her from Belladonna. Vixen joins her daughter and her rival telling the whippet that together they are a match for her which results in a massive fight between Belladonna and Vixen in which both animals defend their corners with great savagery but Vixen is beaten by Belladonna and put out of action.

Lady Blue who has also witnessed the fight also unknowingly leaves Dreamer open to attack and Belladonna goes straight for her. But the blue vixen comes back and goes straight for Belladonna attacking her with great barbarity and like Vixen is heavily wounded but succeeds where Vixen fails, as Vixen recovers the two vixens circle Belladonna and tear her apart.

The three fighters are left with horrific injuries with Lady Blue being a lot more injured to take further action and making her join Dreamer. The blue vixen and the red vixen's daughter watch as a dying Belladonna attacks Vixen but the latter is too quick and lands her jaws in Belladonna's throat, the whippet dies when Vixen punctures her throat staining her mouth, teeth and gums with blood further scaring not only her daughter but her rival.

After Vixen kills Belladonna she scares Dreamer because her bloodstained mouth, teeth and gums make her a shell of the normally beautiful and lithe mother she knows and loves and scares the blue vixen because it is a shell of the normally caring and kind Vixen that she fought in Bernwood.

With Belladonna dead, Vixen reveals the next part of her plan:

"Just wait for the perfect time...and when the time comes: We leave!"

While Lady Blue is not in as much danger of wandering off as Dreamer, she is still warned by Vixen to stick with her because this part of the journey will effectively be taking them home, an impatient blue vixen however still asks when they can leave to which Vixen replies "Run, on my signal."

The signal comes when the fight comes back to hit the audience and when it does, they react with fury because instead of watching Vixen kill Dreamer, they have watched her kill Belladonna (although one spectator admits it was a good fight). Alongside Vixen, Lady Blue watches children's reactions some of which are like spoiled brats which offends the blue vixen but eventually she also laughs at the children.

Finally, Lady Blue follows Vixen's signal to flee Dropmore House and is taken with Dreamer to a secluded part of the forest where Vixen reveals the reasoning behind the reaction: Some people have very specific expectations of what they want to see or have and some members of the audience were prime examples of those types of people; they wanted to see a mother tear her daughter apart and nothing else.

They also reacted with fury when they had to sit through at least ten minutes of a fake fight believing that any fight was better than no fight and when there finally was a real fight it was instead between Belladonna and Vixen so it surprised them a lot. Vixen further reveals that the death of Belladonna has effectively driven the fox-baiting ring to destruction because of the amount of refunds that have been demanded from the furious spectators and these amount of refunds have effectively bankrupted the ring putting them out of business.

After Vixen bankrupts the ring, she further reveals to Lady Blue and Dreamer that with this ring going down in flames there are no more photographers, no more hunting and no more cremations (cremations being the method of disposal used by the baiting ring for both dead fox fighters and fox fighters that have had to be put to sleep). With this explanation, the three vixens begin to travel home.

Five hours later, the vixens reach Lady Blue's new home: Whippendell Wood in Hertfordshire, but just as they arrive a stray bullet presumably from a soldier strikes Lady Blue in the leg wounding her and causing her to go weak. Vixen tries to persuade her rival to go further but the blue vixen refuses telling her to go on without her.

Her words however fall on deaf ears as the red vixen however ignores her and brings Lady Blue limping back to the vixen pack she was sent to at the end of Duel of the Vixens. At the vixen pack, Lady Blue and Vixen finally reconcile when the latter thanks the former for saving Dreamer and the former wishes the latter good luck on going to their final destination: Brampton Wood. The blue vixen watches as Vixen and her daughter leave straight away instead of staying for the night at Hertfordshire and going to Cambridgeshire in the morning.

Bounder and the Time Lord:

Widbrook Wood (geograph 2522197)

Widbrook Wood, the home of the Blue Foxes in Bounder and the Time Lord.

In her only human literature appearance, Lady Blue is back to being shown in a more minor light and Bounder and the Time Lord is the only time where not only is she shown in a minor light, but it is also the only time when she is related to Scarface but of no relation to Bounder. She is also moved again from Bernwood Forest (Journey of the Vixen) and Whippendell Wood Wood (Duel of the Vixens and Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame) to Widbrook Wood in Wiltshire.

Peter Pan Crocodile Song

The "rhythm" described in Bounder and the Time Lord that Scarface and his mate march in time to.

Lady Blue first appears alongside her husband Scarface seemingly trying to protect Bounder from a human being who they think is either trying to kill him or trying to take him out of his natural habitat to be used for sinister intentions; the arrival of the Surgeon and his new companion Amanda Mycroft is enough to trigger a warning message from her and Bounder is forced to flee.

The foxes that were protecting him meanwhile, begin to investigate and while Scarface goes after the Surgeon and Amanda, Lady Blue goes after the figure who wanted to attack Bounder and forces her to retreat before giving her a piercing look of contempt and leaving her alone.

The Anthro Saga:

In the Anthro Saga Lady Blue's relationship with Roberto from The Return of Steele continues and the two are also married which makes her one of the Vixens of the Fox Junta. Because she is also in the army, Lady Blue is the only Farthing Wood vixen or any existing vixen for that matter to have such an occupation because the other Farthing foxes have different occupations:

  • Vixen is the Secretary of Health under Nava and is the owner of the Galaxy resort,
  • Fox is the Deputy Prime Minister of Animalia until Mechanikat's coup,
  • Charmer is an actress involved in largely the Imagination Film studio and is involved in films such as Armies of Tomorrow and Slaves of the East,
  • Dreamer works for Maid Marian and the Legacy fashion chain,
  • Friendly works for the Air Force,
  • Bold is part of a band,
  • Ranger is a former Major in the Animalian Army alongside Bounder,
  • And Whisper owns the Vision fashion chain (Scarface is not included in this list because he is Tyrannian while these foxes are Animalian.)

Whilst she had an animosity or seems to have an animosity towards Vixen in previous appearances (notably Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame when they first meet again), this hostility is believed to have gone because at a state funeral attended by the Fox Junta, the two vixens stand next to each other. She is also shown consoling Vixen over the loss of Fox.

Her heroic status however does not butcher her personality because whilst Lady Blue still holds herself in a priggish, vain and egotistical light it is a lot less prominent and is less to do with her fur color and more to do with being the wife of an army general.