He who is a man has no fear is the national anthem of Animalia. It has been the anthem of Animalia from it's independence from West Germany after German reunification in 1990 and thus the end of the Cold War. It stayed as the anthem for 35 years until the First anthro coup d'etat where Mufasa was deposed and the anthem was changed to a different anthem until the Second anthro coup d'etat led by Hunter deposed Mechanikat and "He who is a man has no fear was brought back as the new national anthem. The tune used is adopted by Himni i Flamurit.


Around our flag we stand united
With one desire and one goal
A sacred oath we bestow upon it
Proclaiming loyalty for our saviors.

From war only he who turns his back
He who is born a traitor
He who is a man has no fear
But dies, a martyr to the cause