Elena is a Romanian vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Nicolae, leader of the Junta's Romanian faction.


She was named after the wife of last Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu Elena Ceausescu


She has navy blue fur and the normal physique of a fox/vixen but she copies Jenna's amount of white. She (Elena) has a white underbelly, a white face and white paws and legs. In her first appearance she is a normal fox but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears a navy blue sweatshirt, a dark green knee length skirt and at times black boots but more often than not she goes barefoot. She is also shown to wear a necklace. Elena is also described as being as beautiful a vixen as most vixens of the Fox Junta are and as beautiful as virtually every female in the Anthro world, Nicolae also comments on her appearance as "the most beautiful vixen I had ever seen."


Elena comes off as being a very defiant character refusing to allow soldiers to tie her hands in the dream world but she is also a very friendly character and shares friendship with Leopoldo's wife Cristina and Vulko's wife Svetlana. She is also a very motherly figure and brings up her daughter Zoia well. Arguably she is just as motherly as Svetlana who she often calls Lana but she often disapproves of her daughter's defiant nature, she is also often considered to be naturally a cynical vixen with her humour being much less easily digestible compared to Josefina or Santiago, you decide, falling over/ hurting themselves and in the words of Carlos, Andris and many other Latvian generals "crying until they get sympathy" or most jokes told by most members of the Fox Junta's allies the Animalian Patriotic Front.

She also comes off as being very defensive to her daughter being separated from Zoia as she joins the rest of the Junta children when they arrive in Argentina, though some come quietly many do not. This includes the Junta babies who start kicking and screaming their heads off but soon calm down, Elena is also shown to be a lot more judgemental than most generals in the Fox Junta primarily those who accept the chaos when they arrive in Argentina of Jorge and the National Protection Process but it doesn't alter the fact she comes under attack from Ioana when the A.P.F arrive. Despite her flaws though Elena is proved to be good with young Junta children arguably better with them than the Junta babies.