Chief, also known as "The Jackal" in the Anthro Saga, is a character from the film The Fox And the Hound. He is Amos Slade's old hunting dog and the secondary antagonist of the original film, but a minor antagonist in the sequel.

Like Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham, he is one of the few Disney villains to undergo a personality change; Prince John and the Sheriff are made more evil, notably in The Curse of Maid Marian, Chief is made more of a crime boss akin to the Kingpin or the Owl.


He is an old Irish Wolfhound with short darker (almost black) ears, a white chest marking and a red collar. In his first appearance he is a normal dog and is elderly but in the Anthro Saga he still has grey fur however in the series Chief has changed significantly.

In the series, he appears younger and dresses in much the same way that Shere Khan appears in War of the Wild and much the same way that the comic book villain, the Kingpin, is dressed: He wears light blue trousers, a purple turtleneck sweatshirt and a white lab-coat.

The Anthro Saga

In the Anthro Saga it is not so much Chief's appearance that has changed as his personality and to an extent, his character much like the wiki founder making Prince John much more sinister in appearances such as The Curse of Maid Marian. Before this wiki was made, Chief was in charge of a large group of hunting dogs in a story titled "The Hunters" which in turn left their owners and went to other owners.

Within the Anthro universe, he keeps this mob which is known as the "Canine Syndicate" yet he operates much more ethically than a typical mob and much like how Friendly has lost his prejudice against the blue foxes, Chief loses his prejudice of foxes and instead he has another rivalry with a Dogue de Bordeaux named Marcel otherwise known as "Goliath" because of his huge breed, one of many characters previously made by the wiki founder to be brought back and re-used in the various universes made by the wiki founder.

However, their rivalry is not of the traditional mobster kind and there have also been times where they have made alliances. During the dictatorship, is one of those times but not to join the resistance; instead, they join forces to disown Mechanikat and keep him off their territory which results in a number of turf wars between the mob and the Junta, one particular war forces both his mob and other crime lords to move to the United Kingdom to different cities: Chief's mob to Southampton, Marcel's mob to Belfast and others of differing locations. Following the dictatorship, Chief and many crime bosses return to Animalia.