Charmer is a character from The Animals of Farthing Wood TV series and books. She is the daughter of Fox and Vixen and the girlfriend of Ranger alongside the sister of Dreamer, Bold and Friendly being one of two of her siblings to be still alive in her original appearance (the other being Friendly).

In literature, she is the deuteragonist of the two parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet, a minor character in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and returns in The King of Hell alongside Ranger, Bold and Whisper as one of the four foxes recruited by Annabelle to help Sasha le Fleur defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, Mirage and Belladonna.

Like her brother Bold, Charmer has several un-named cubs in the Animals of Farthing Wood but in the Anthro Saga she and Ranger have no children.


Like her brothers and sister, Charmer is a light shade of orange, with a small "ruff" at her cheeks like other red vixens have. Around her eyes are cream patches with the points at the back facing downwards, and her cheek patches (which come in at a point about halfway up her muzzle) connect with the cream-coloured fur on her underbelly (she is the only vixen in the show to have this). Like her siblings and Father, her tail ends in a cream tip.

In her first appearance she is a normal vixen but in her return in the Anthro Saga she wears more sophisticated clothing particularly in her films: In her case, she wears a white blouse, a black knee length skirt, black tights and black slip on shoes, this could be down to her British heritage as she was originally born in Oxfordshire alongside her sister and brothers. At her father's funeral, Charmer wears a white overcoat and a black scarf. Charmer is also a normal vixen in her other literature appearances Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and The King of Hell (at least, when she is introduced to Sasha by Annabelle).

However in the two parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet when she enters the parallel world with Ranger she is semi anthropomorphic which means she is anthropomorphic but goes bare like Charlie Barkin as she and Ranger do not exist in that world and that world is only a semi-anthro world where some animals are anthropomorphic but are bare such as the birds under the command of the Grand Duke of Owls and Lord Shen whilst others are anthropomorphic but wear clothing such as Zira.

Charmer is also semi anthropomorphic when she is sent to the City of Westminster by Annabelle in The King of Hell alongside Sasha le Fleur, Whisper, Bold and Ranger only to be turned back into a normal vixen when Belladonna arrives in London and the group are made to chase her then back again when she enters Saint Paul's Cathedral with Sasha le Fleur, Whisper, Bold and Ranger.

Charmer has green eyes but when she is possessed by Belladonna her eyes glow bright red unlike Whisper's whose eyes glow yellow; when Annabelle breaks the influence of Belladonna on Charmer, her eyes turn green again.

When Charmer turns herself into a hell vixen alongside Whisper to escape from Saint Paul's Cathedral, her eyes turn a yellow-green colour like the eyes of Smaug. Her fur becomes blood red and is shown to be even more mangled and grotesque than the other hell foxes and like Sasha, her tail splits in two but unlike Sasha's tail, her tail has a far more reptilian look to it; almost like the tails of King Ghidorah.

Two bat like wings sprout of her back; as a hell vixen, Charmer's roar is similar to the roar of Rodan in Godzilla: Final Wars. Towards the end of the story, Annabelle turns her back to normal alongside the other foxes.

Like Ranger, Scarface and Lady Blue Charmer's voice changes in literature as she speaks with a soft voice in The Animals of Farthing Wood and Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame but in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet as well The King of Hell she speaks with a more aggressive tone when needed; in the Anthro Saga however the soft voice she speaks with in her original appearance comes back. Charmer's voice changing also makes her the only red fox whose voice changes in literature.


War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet

Charmer is the deuteragonist of the two parter War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet.

War of the Wild:

At the start of the story, she is first seen with her mother consoling a very unsettled Ranger following the end of the Red-Blue Fox feud. When she asks him what is wrong, he tells her and Vixen a very detailed story starting from the day that the pair were born.

Here, she comes across a very young Ranger and becomes friends with him, but their friendship is cut short by the arrival of the pair's respective parents; for Ranger: Lady Blue and Scarface and for Charmer: Fox and Vixen, following an altercation the pair are taken back to their respective packs and berated by their parents with Scarface being a lot more brutal and paranoid about Fox.

Years later, Charmer and Ranger are re-united only to be warned of a fight between Fox and Scarface which both she and Ranger are helpless to halt. At the end of the fight, Scarface kills Fox which results in her and Ranger being transported to a parallel universe. In the universe, the pair are confronted by an owl (though she believes the bird to be Kestrel) who summons other owls to capture them and the pair are taken to their commanders Lord Shen and the Grand Duke of Owls where they undergo a ruthless interrogation.

At the end of this, the pair are imprisoned where Ranger decides to forget the altercation while Charmer takes her rage out on a specific portrait; that of the universe's dictator, ripping the portrait off the cell wall and smashing it against the wall which proves useless so she throws it out of the window before she sits on the prison bed and holds her head in her hands.

A furious Charmer also refuses to listen to sound advice from her mate when he says that the more angry she becomes, the longer she is likely to be in prison to which she responds with growls which shortly die down and are replaced by sniffles as if she is crying. That night, a peregrine working for the Duke and Shen discovers the damaged portrait and as a result the birds have Charmer put in shackles but the escape still occurs even in the most perilous circumstances and in the process, Ranger gives the impression almost that he is only saving himself until he smashes the wall down with a sledgehammer so Charmer can escape.

In the process though the pair attract the attention of the birds who open fire on them until they reach a secluded part of this world, that being a field where the pair collapse before making their journey to civilization and it is here where Ranger frees Charmer from her shackles. In civilization, she and Ranger discover a black hole and a portal generator which is later stolen from them but recovered by Ranger; and then stolen again by Zira who uses it to rob a bank, she later saves Ranger from a black hole but Zira kicks her in the back sending her into a river.

That night, she and Ranger seemingly trespass on a mansion and it is here where Ranger chides her for trying to attract a parallel version of Vixen's attention because this Vixen is not her mother. They later try to escape from the house grounds without being seen where they come across a plan to rob the universe's gold repository and once the plan is exposed the pair dart for their lives to the bank. Whilst Ranger seals the portal and Zira prepares to kill him, Charmer holds her at gunpoint warning her that Ranger has the generator so that if she kills him then she also destroys the device.

But the device is knocked out of Ranger's hands by Shere Khan who prepares to crush him in a bear hug. Charmer tries to help him but she is held helpless by Shere Khan's aide. The arrival of Belladonna however saves her from Scar's grip and it also frees Ranger from being crushed by Shere Khan, once she recovers Charmer watches Belladonna and Zira fight which escalates and eventually carries outside where she and Ranger give chase and while Ranger tries to negotiate with Belladonna which fails Charmer tries to find Zira's whereabouts and having come across Zira's criminal past becomes appalled and disgusted by the fact that she has led an extravagant lifestyle built on crime. However, with the arrival of Belladonna, Zira shelters her from debris, and a brief altercation with lioness and whippet causes Charmer to withdraw until she and Zira are forced into a portal.

Charmer becomes one of Belladonna's prisoners when she suspends her and Zira over a vat of toxic chemicals, at first Belladonna winches her and Zira up until Ranger interferes and destroys her glider. Belladonna however does not care and instead Charmer is lowered into the chemicals with Zira while Belladonna escapes. As she gets closer to the chemicals, the vixen begins to fear for her life but is saved by Ranger.

The instant she is freed, Charmer berates Zira for her activities and once the lioness is taken into captivity calls her a "lunatic", she is last seen with Ranger watching the police take Zira away but is told by Ranger that this isn't the last they will see of her.

Terror of the Whippet

Ranger is ultimately proved right when he and Charmer visit Zira in prison and it is here where she watches a reversal of roles as there was a time when she berated Zira whilst he said nothing. Eventually Zira is freed from prison and helps the foxes defeat Belladonna.

She later puzzles Ranger when she informs him that since chasing him round Cambridge, Belladonna has now invited him and her to a celebration and whilst Ranger is concerned for her in case of Belladonna, Charmer escapes from the house safe and sound though tries to tell him not to go back inside, he goes to try and help others who may be trapped but in the process comes across Belladonna and as a result Ranger is captured by her as she takes him to the top of the King's College Chapel in Cambridge but he later manages to escape from the roof by means of Zira.

Belladonna later adapts the form of Vixen trying to get Charmer to avoid him but as Vixen turns into the whippet, Ranger is forced to chase her to Oxfordshire to the top of the Christ Church Cathedral where he also fights her and almost throws her off the roof. But when she takes on the form of his mother, he is forced to save her but comes to regret it when his mother actually turns back into the whippet and blasts him with magical energy.

Having been blasted with magical energy, Ranger looks up to see probably the worst scenario so far: Charmer begins to wake up and comes perilously close to the edge of the roof but is saved by Zira who also comes under the effects of sleeping gas released by the bombs. When Belladonna loses her footing almost falling off the cathedral roof, Ranger saves Charmer before she falls off the roof much to her shock. Ultimately, a recovered Belladonna also launches an offensive on the cathedral throwing the vixen off the roof leaving Ranger distraught and frantically trying to search for her.

When he does, she is equally relieved to find him and both watch the sky fight between Belladonna and Zira the latter of whom is thrown off by the whippet who tries to escape...but the generator has been modified too much and it dies forcing Belladonna to land and fix it. Like her mate, Charmer at first refuses to help Belladonna after the machine activates another portal but turns it into a vortex but is convinced to do so by Ranger.

Whilst Belladonna originally tries to grab her hand, as the evil one takes over the whippet tries to grab her leg and pull her into the dimension with her. The vixen is ultimately saved when Zira throws herself and the whippet into another dimension and into purgatory, her actions leaving Charmer traumatized. However once she and Ranger get back to the original universe, Charmer's outburst is a thing of the past and whilst Ranger is also delighted it comes back to hit him making him devastated and making her bring him home. The story ends back in the present day and the vixen sleeping with her mate.

Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame

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Brampton Wood, Charmer's home in Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame.

Like her brothers Bold and Friendly Charmer appears in the story Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame where she has a much more minor light than she did in War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet. This story is also the only time in literature when Charmer's voice goes back to the voice she spoke with in The Animals of Farthing Wood.

In the story, she is still the daughter of Vixen (her mother is only mentioned because her father was killed in Journey of the Vixen) and is her easiest daughter to raise thanks to her sister going into her own little world. She first appears at night with her brothers Bold and Friendly who are asleep one night whilst Vixen and Dreamer were still awake and Dreamer is scolded by her mother for day dreaming before finally Vixen has her put to sleep.

The next day, whilst Vixen decides to take Dreamer out into Brampton again she decides to take Charmer, Bold and Friendly with her for an added sense of security and responsibility because she believes that when she is with four children then the photographer won't come back and take more pictures. However whilst Charmer is Vixen's easiest daughter to raise, she is warned alongside her siblings to stay together.

Bold however attempts to leave early only for Vixen to bring him back, then finally the family goes out to explore Brampton Wood. Alongside her siblings, Charmer is brought by her mother to the same spot where her sister was with Vixen the previous night; after finding out how much Dreamer learned last night Vixen gives a lesson on "The Six Commandments" and the laws of wildlife.

Like Bold one of these commandments confuses Charmer: "All Animals are Equal" which makes her ask "How can all animals be equal when foxes eat voles, mice and rabbits like Dreamer said?" Eventually Vixen is forced to reluctantly end her lesson when paranoia sets in and she gathers her children around her when Friendly asks what's wrong.

Whilst enjoying the company of her children, the photographer still frightens Vixen because it takes her back to one of the principles of wildlife: "Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy." When Vixen gives her answer about the photographer, Charmer shows some concern especially when Vixen tells them that the photographer or those affiliated with it may be the worst enemies they have come across.

Alongside her siblings, Charmer supports a decision that Vixen takes regarding the lesson that she could have been taught: The decision is to end the lesson, take the family back home and take them back out later and like her brother Friendly sees the decision to go back out later as being for the best because if they are taken out later then the lesson may not be quite as shaky. On the decision she says:

"I agree with Friendly. You've made the right decision mother because if you take us out later you'd be a lot less upset than you have been."

About three hours later, Vixen keeps her word and takes her family out again where she intends to teach her children the lesson that she taught Dreamer and the lesson she would have taught if it were not for her inability to concentrate. But Carrington is also at work and uses the same remote controlled butterfly he tested on a rabbit and a fox cub to distract Dreamer and lure Vixen away from her family.

Under Vixen's orders, Charmer is told to take her brothers home despite her daughter's protests but her mother ignores her protests and sends her, Bold and Friendly home as she goes after Dreamer. Like her brother Friendly, Charmer struggles to come to terms with the events which leave her shell shocked and devastated; unlike her brother however it has a more powerful impact on Charmer making her break down into tears.

Alongside Bold and Friendly, Charmer appears near the end of the story and shares the same amount of fear that Friendly has for Bold wanting to find their sister and their mother. Only she claims to see them when she sees figures in the distance and so calls her brothers to see the figures; but is told she must be seeing things when they arrive but the figures vanish.

The next morning, Charmer claims to see Vixen and Dreamer again and this time is proven right when they both race each other home, once they get home the effects Carrington had on Charmer seem to have gone and she is delighted that her mother and sister have got home safe and sound.

She is shown consoling first her sister, then is shown being consoled by her mother and when she is Vixen tells her children that with the photographers gone, she can give out full lessons again. One of the lessons she gives is also telling her children about the events since Vixen and Dreamer were captured by Carrington.

The King of Hell

Whilst Charmer appeared instantly in her very first literature appearances War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet she is a joint record holder with the other foxes in this story Bold, Ranger and Whisper as the longest absence of a character because alongside the other foxes Charmer does not appear in The King of Hell until Part 5.

Charmer is also another record holder: Among her siblings, she holds the record for the most appearances in literature with four appearances: Her brother Bold has two appearances (Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and The King of Hell), her sister Dreamer and her brother Friendly both have one (Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame although the latter was originally meant to appear in The King of Hell but was scrapped) and Charmer has four (War of the Wild, Terror of the Whippet, Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame and The King of Hell).

She is the third fox (and second vixen) to be introduced to Sasha le Fleur by Annabelle as one of the foxes to help the dog defeat the Triumvirate of Evil: Red, Mirage and Belladonna, the Queen of Heaven explains that Charmer was recruited for the same reason as Bold: Courage owing to the events of the second series of The Animals of Farthing Wood where she falls in love with Ranger and goes against her family.

Charmer is also recruited for almost the same reason as Whisper owing to her being responsible alongside Whisper and Ranger in the third series of The Animals of Farthing Wood killing off several of the rats except for Bully. Annabelle describes her as such:

"This next vixen is a charmer. Because that's her name: Charmer. But in battle, she's certainly not a charmer and like our last fox and Whisper combined fought off many rats; but for all Whisper's stealth and Charmer's fierce fighting, one rat still came back."

Like the other three foxes, Charmer is not only recruited either for her courage or cunning: She is also recruited for her experience with Belladonna from her first appearance War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet. She is sent with the other three foxes and Sasha into a portal by Annabelle to the only location where the hellhound formula has not been spread: The City of London in the United Kingdom and the home of the four foxes (the United Kingdom, not London). Whilst it takes them to London, the portal also takes the group to the City of Westminster where Sasha demands an explanation of the experience that any of the group have with the Triumvirate.

Alongside Bold who tells Sasha of his experience with Belladonna from the end of Red is the Torch, Blue is the Flame, Charmer tells Sasha of the events of War of the Wild and Terror of the Whippet when she and Ranger encountered Belladonna or as Bold calls her "The Evil One" in a parallel world. Then once the stories of Belladonna have been told, Charmer and the other three foxes listen to a story told by Whisper who tells them of her encounter with Mirage in Mirage of Arabia.

Then finally, once Whisper has told her story the foxes ask Sasha to tell them of her experience with the Triumvirate to which Sasha tells them of Belladonna but she also tells them of Red. As intriguing as Sasha's story about the King of Hell is however, Charmer is distracted by Ranger feeling a sense of unease as are Bold, Whisper and Sasha who tells them that he feels hot in spite of the normally cool British night.

Alongside the other foxes, she is later attracted by Whisper who shouts at Sasha about purple light in the sky...Belladonna has arrived and she is the second fox to notice her come to Earth. Charmer and the other foxes watch as the whippet circles the sky like a vulture and goes in for an attack like a dive bomber intending to harm or kill any of the foxes or even Sasha...

But the whippet never does attack any of the foxes nor does she attack Sasha; instead, she takes one look at the group and flies away. Alongside the other foxes and Sasha, Charmer tries to give chase but is left paralyzed from the waist down crying out that she cannot feel her legs.

Her paralysis is cured by the arrival of Annabelle; whilst the whippet is the one who actually paralyzed them, she apologizes for doing so and instead Charmer is turned back into a normal vixen and is ordered by Sasha with the rest of the foxes and Sasha to give chase; alongside Bold, Whisper and Ranger, Charmer does a lot better than Sasha because of her fox nature and the fact that they are generally seen as being more agile. All the while, Belladonna watches from the sky and pans Sasha's progress:

"IS THIS THE BEST I CAN SEE?! Even a person running in flip flops could do better!"

The chase having taken place first at Westminster Abbey now ends at Saint Paul's Cathedral where the whippet vanishes. Once Sasha takes the foxes inside Saint Paul's Cathedral, the group are turned back into semi anthropomorphic animals and discover that something is definitely wrong with the cathedral:

Phantasmagoria - Theme

Phantasmagoria - Theme

The chanting heard by Sasha and the foxes

Many religious buildings such as Westminster Abbey are shown as being beautiful and ethereal but the atmosphere in the cathedral instead is ghostly and sinister; increased even more when the cathedral is virtually pitch black and the sound of Latin singing echoes in the ears of the group. Whilst Latin singing normally adds to the beautiful and evangelical atmosphere of religious architecture such as Saint Paul's Cathedral, the singing is a lot more sinister and comes from a cult as the group discover.

The singing also has a hypnotic effect on Charmer which makes her the first vixen to turn against Sasha followed by Bold, Whisper and Ranger; only she retreats with the other foxes with the arrival of Belladonna who kills the cult by stabbing them with magical energy reducing them to ashes.

As Belladonna arrives, there is one question Charmer wants the answer to: Why did Belladonna choose Saint Paul's Cathedral in particular when she could have had thousands of other cathedrals to choose form? But the whippet doesn't answer and Sasha is not much better as she replies:

"There are five hundred and twenty five million if not more dogs on this planet. And if I'm right, within a year, none will ever be the same again."

When Charmer asks again, Sasha reveals the terrible truth: Whilst Annabelle was briefing Sasha and the foxes on the mission, Belladonna was also busy spreading the hell hound formula through the world turning normal dogs into hell hounds. England is the last remaining location and so she decides to go for a more larger scale plan:

Belladonna intends to use Saint Paul's Cathedral to spread the hell hound formula through England which will turn all dogs in England into hell hounds. But it will also affect foxes turning them into hell foxes and vixens turning them into hell vixens; under Sasha's influence Charmer becomes the first vixen to ridicule Belladonna branding her "delusional" but when Belladonna retaliates by casting a spell on Bold, Sasha orders the foxes to get him outside because she has a feeling as to what is going to happen next.

Alongside Whisper and Ranger, Charmer shows a huge amount of concern when the group take Bold into the churchyard and he collapses. Whilst the other three foxes tend to Bold, Sasha feels a huge sense of terror for what is going to happen.

Charmer is the first fox to retreat from Bold as he begins to turn into a hell fox and watches in horror as his transformation comes close to an end. With the arrival of Belladonna, she is ordered to attack the whippet which ends in failure as Belladonna declares:


She is put out of action and further watches in horror as Belladonna attacks Ranger with the hell hound formula turning him into a hell fox. Unlike Bold, Charmer does not see the full transformation as she and Whisper are dragged away by Sasha, the only thing that Charmer comes to learn that Ranger has been turned into a hell fox is a roar that is now akin to Destoroyah.

It is also Charmer who helps Sasha get Whisper back on her side and the vixens aid Sasha in chasing Belladonna through Saint Paul's. They appear to catch her but this is actually a fake as the whippet flashes with light to reveal: Mirage who at first declares to Sasha:


At first it seems that Mirage is going to attack Sasha, but she fools the vixens and Sasha when she turns on Whisper deciding:

"Time for a little, pest control!"

Mirage finally casts a spell on Whisper turning her against Sasha and as she vanishes, the real Belladonna blasts Sasha with magical energy throwing her off her feet and onto the ground at Whisper's feet. As Whisper tries to strangle Sasha, it is Charmer who tries to wrestle the vixen off and whilst she is successful, the vixens get into a vicious fight which results in Whisper being forced to retreat.

The real Belladonna emerges from the shadows to encounter a downed Charmer and casts a spell on the vixen causing her to scream in pain; the spell effectively isolates Sasha because it means that Charmer is also possessed. A now possessed Charmer viciously attacks Sasha alongside a possessed Whisper until Belladonna calls them off and has them bring Sasha to the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral as her prisoner; the vixens proceed to then frogmarch Sasha to the top of the cathedral.

On top of the cathedral, Charmer throws Sasha at Belladonna's feet, the whippet of whom teases her about deciding to age her another 300 years, eventually deciding against the idea claiming:

"Where would all the fun be in all that, hmm?"

Sasha soon asks how Belladonna will spread the formula through the country; On top of Saint Paul's is a bomb which when loaded up and detonated has enough power to be equivalent to twenty four nuclear bombs and will spread the formula through the country.

But Sasha soon sees the formula in the whippet's hand and so wrestles it out of Belladonna's hands before forcing her to detonate the bomb causing it to explode harmlessly (the bomb only works when loaded with the hell hound formula). The bomb destroyed, a furious Belladonna attacks Sasha only to be bashed into the dome; with the whippet out of the way, Sasha summons Annabelle and is both relieved and devastated by her response:

She can turn Whisper and Charmer against Belladonna but she cannot turn Bold and Ranger back to normal. However, she can turn them against the Triumvirate, and so Annabelle turns the vixens back to normal and turns the two hell foxes against the Triumvirate. As Belladonna recovers, the dogs viciously fight and it gets so bad that Belladonna flies into the skies leaving Sasha seemingly unable to catch her.

Of the two vixens currently with Sasha, perhaps Charmer is the most vocal in opposing Sasha in what she is going to have to do if she is to fight Belladonna: If Sasha is going to fight Belladonna, she is going to have to use the hell hound formula on herself. Charmer even goes so far as to hide the formula from Sasha which is unsuccessful as Sasha wrenches her fingers off the tube.

As Sasha consoles Charmer, she echoes the very same words that she told Whisper:

"If I take this formula, I may end up saving the world instead of destroying it! Remember that spell Annabelle cast on you? She's also cast it on Bold and Ranger. And soon, I'm going to have YOU take this formula."

Her consolation seems to pay off because as Sasha gives the vixens another tube of the hell hound formula, she leaves to use the formula on herself. Sasha's consolation of Charmer pays off because while Whisper still objects to Sasha using the formula on herself, Charmer holds her back. It still means however that she eyes a newly transformed Sasha with terror as she takes off to fight Belladonna.

Alongside Whisper, Charmer watches with both fear as she watches Sasha collide with Belladonna felling both dogs and is scared even more when she sees the whippet hover above Sasha who is struggling to get up. But she also experiences a great sense of delight with Whisper when she sees Bold turn on Belladonna and attack her felling her.

I. Am


The boast that Charmer and Whisper listen to, given by a victorious Sasha.

Charmer is further delighted when she sees the tables turned on Belladonna as the whippet is now thrown at Sasha's feet who stands victorious over her and gives out a Smaug type boast; whilst the boast is enjoyable because Sasha turns the tables on Belladonna, it also scares the vixens when she boasts:

"The shock of my tails, A THUNDERBOLT!"

And when she does, Sasha throws her tails on the floor to generate a thunderbolt which attacks London's electricity supply plunging the city into darkness and she illuminates it when she breathes fire out of her mouth setting the city on fire allowing Charmer and Whisper to see Sasha and Belladonna, the latter of whom has now increased in size spoiling for a fight.

Alongside Whisper, Charmer watches the fight between Sasha and Belladonna still trapped on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral and is terrified to see Belladonna apparently kill Sasha by drowning her in the River Thames; however her fear turns to delight when the Irish Setter/hell hound emerges from the Thames and kills Belladonna by sending her into the Thames to drown.

Once Belladonna has been defeated, Sasha approaches the top of Saint Paul's Cathedral to tell her and Whisper to take the hell hound formula on her signal and ends up swiftly retreating with the arrival of Red and Mirage which further scares the vixens on top of them being trapped on top of Saint Paul's Cathedral.

Their time being trapped on Saint Paul's Cathedral comes to an end when Sasha has Bold and Ranger attack Mirage to distract her whilst she gives the signal for the vixens to use the hell hound formula. Charmer watches at first when Whisper crushes her tube beneath her feet and turns into a hell vixen; the newly transformed Whisper scares Charmer when she appears to jump to her death.

Once Whisper flies away, Mirage gets even closer having got away from the foxes. And as Mirage gets closer, Charmer turns herself into a hell vixen in the same way; She lays the tube at her feet and stamps on it, engulfing herself in a smoke type gas and when it clears, the hell vixen is revealed.

Mirage gets closer so Charmer makes her escape by giving herself a runner then jumping in the air; her wings kick in and she flies away just as Mirage torches the cathedral. But it is also Charmer who takes Mirage back to Sasha by blasting her with energy tearing large holes in one of her wings. The result is the dragon crash landing at Sasha's feet and turning back to her true form.

Alongside Whisper, Charmer joins the hell foxes in taking down Red forcing him to crash land into the Tower of London; Whisper and Ranger shred his wings and Charmer and Bold blast him with magical energy causing him to crash into the Tower of London and when he does, the hell vixen circles the Tower for a brief period of time before joining the hell foxes to watch the fight between Sasha and Mirage.

Charmer and her allies soon come under attack not from the dragon nor Red but animated buildings which the King of Hell casts a spell on, turning windows into eyes like the eye of Sauron and even making the eye appear on top of some buildings. The eyes attack the hell foxes and Sasha who is now occupied with fighting Mirage; under Whisper's orders, the hell vixen is responsible for destroying several of the buildings alongside Bold and Ranger.

When Whisper herself is forced to retreat after a fight with Red, she and the hell foxes are taken to watch the final fight between Mirage and Sasha, the former dies when the latter shreds her wings sending her plummeting into the Houses of Parliament. She and the hell foxes finally surround Red when he confronts Sasha for the final time and she boasts:


But the King of Hell is unruffled and turns into a giant dragon like monster, even more ferocious, deadly and powerful than his original dragon form which is described as follows:

"Finally, the King of Hell vanished in a flash of light. The hell foxes and Sasha watched on as in another flash of light came Red's final dragon form; a dragon even more ferocious and evil than the first one and soon to be an even more powerful dragon than ever before.

His original form was thirty feet long; his final form was about sixty to ninety feet long with blood red scales, yellow eyes, and a line of shallow but razor sharp ridges along its back. The monster now stood on two legs and it towered over Sasha and the hell foxes and two wings sprouted out of its back. Its legs were longer and so were its arms...this was Red's final form."

Charmer becomes the hell vixen to stand up to Red having listened to a huge boast given to her and the other hell foxes having shown a great sign of defiance (Ranger has stood up to Red before and so have Bold and Whisper when they attacked him). Her defiance is shown:

"This is not your kingdom! These are civilized lands! This is a civilized world! And we will back to Earth!"

She is last shown spoiling for a fight with the King of Hell alongside Sasha and the other hell foxes and eventually gets to fight when Sasha orders the hell foxes to blast Red with magical energy. In her hell vixen form, Charmer attacks Red like a firebender or an earthbender further using the ability to back Bold up and later to attack the King of Hell again with Ranger.

The attacks however do nothing to Red as he is still shown as the same monster he was shown as about ten minutes ago:

"He was still the same nightmarish creature that he was before he turned into this monster and there was not one bit of him that was imperfect: His horns remained upright, his face was as red as blood, his claws remained like knives and his wings were clear of any holes."

The King of Hell now decides to change tactics by using his wings to knock the monsters off their feet but Sasha orders the foxes to flap their wings which will generate an equally powerful counter wind which will keep the monsters upright. As his wings die down, Red now decides to take the battle to the air; Sasha and the hell foxes take off after him.

At first, Charmer is close to Sasha but is ordered to disperse with the other hell foxes so she will be ready in case she is called upon; it is also the hell vixen who backs up Bold in a fight against the King of Hell. After Bold retreats, Charmer prepares to attack the King of Hell herself further aided by Ranger but her efforts prove futile and Red still lives.

She later joins the other hell foxes as Sasha prepares to fight Red one last time and further watches the King of Hell crash into the River Thames with enough force to cause a tsunami which Bold ridicules:

"My teeth are swords! My claws are spears! My body...IS A TSUNAMI!"

With Bold's ridicule of Red, Charmer also notes the amount of water that has been sprayed out of the River Thames and into the city of London, hinting that if the Thames is to be refilled then the United Kingdom will need about four hundred thunderstorms and each on the same scale as the storms that normally hit the United States of America.

The hell vixen's wish is the Queen of Heaven's command when she arrives in London and when she does, also causes it to rain with the force equivalent not to four hundred thunderstorms but with the force equivalent to five hundred thunderstorms, but what the group doesn't know is that Annabelle has been to Earth for a lot longer.

She has been to Earth for longer because with the King of Hell dead, the Triumvirate of Evil has been destroyed and so has the hell hound formula. In addition, the war of the nether regions is over; these effects have brought Annabelle to Earth and with her arrival much of Earth has been restored to normal.

Cities have been turned back to their former glory and dogs turned into hell hounds are turned back to normal; likewise hell foxes and hell vixens are turned back to foxes and vixens. As Annabelle arrives in London, she turns the city back to normal and also visits the group; however she is not convinced that the group are the same group she sent on the mission to defeat the Triumvirate of Evil.

Sasha however is able to convince the Queen of Heaven and alongside the hell foxes, Charmer is told to go to Westminster Abbey or rather its churchyard. In the churchyard, Annabelle casts a spell on the four foxes and turns them back to normal and as the foxes touch down she also casts a spell on Sasha:

The spell keeps Sasha as a hell hound but it takes away all her abilities except flight and it also reduces her back to her normal size. After the spells, the group is told to go inside Westminster Abbey.

Annabelle may have restored Westminster Abbey back to its beautiful architectural style but when the group enter it, the Queen of Heaven ends up ruining it again. She ends up ruining it again as witnessed by Charmer and the foxes when she casts a spell on Sasha turning her back into the beautiful Irish Setter that she once was; as a side effect, the stained glass windows of the Abbey end up smashed.

When the spell wears off, it also takes away all the strength in Sasha's legs causing her to collapse and give the impression that she has died; alongside the other foxes, Charmer is filled with relief when the newly transformed Irish Setter gets back to her feet. Alongside the other foxes, she is later taken back to the churchyard.

In the churchyard, Annabelle reveals that it is now time for the foxes to go home however she phrases it in such a way, it sounds like she is not giving the group to bid each other goodbye at all. Under Sasha's request and indeed the foxes' request, the group are given ten minutes to bid each other goodbye (something of which the other foxes do not do because they already know each other).

While Charmer was the penultimate fox introduced to Sasha when she started the mission, she is now the last fox that Sasha bids goodbye to. Once the ten minutes are up, Annabelle sends Charmer home.

The Anthro Saga

Charmer continues her role as the daughter of Fox and Vixen in the Anthro Saga and as Bold continues his relationship with Whisper she continues her relationship with Ranger. In the series, while her parents are involved with the government, Charmer's occupation is an actress alongside Aleu who she is also friendly with even though the pair work for different studios with the former working for Imagination Studios and the latter working for Thunderzone Filmworks, both of which are best known for Technicolor films.

The pair also appeared in Slaves of the East which is regarded as one of her favorites alongside Vultures of the Shadow, Savior of Hell and Androids of War. Unlike Aleu whose films are restricted down to fantasy, Charmer has appeared in films of numerous genre's with her credited films being:

  • Vultures of the Shadow (Fantasy),
  • Slaves of the East (Fantasy),
  • Queen with Strength (Adventure),
  • Punished by my End (Adventure),
  • Savior of Hell (Adventure)
  • Slave of the Wind (Fantasy. She was also the titular Slave of the Wind),
  • Spiders and Phantoms (Mystery),
  • Girl in the Beginning of Time (Science Fiction),
  • Androids of War (Science Fiction),
  • Armies of Tomorrow (Mystery),
  • and Vultures and Wolves (Horror)

However, Charmer also shares her mother's admiration of classical music as does her mate Ranger when he is not in the army. Owing to being married to a soldier, Charmer is also taught to adapt to the military lifestyle and in her bedroom she also has a portrait of one of Animalia's famous army officers as well as a portrait of one of England's famous military officials Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery, though Charmer is not involved in the government her political background results in her being purged during the Night of the Thieves.

Whilst Ranger is arrested, Charmer flees back to her home in Oxfordshire until the National Protection Process bring her and Ranger to Argentina. At first she is very weary of members of the National Protection Process and as a result is very defiant to them which results in many of the members taking her out by force and ultimately ends in her being sedated.

She wakes up in Argentina where she meets the ones who brought her there and gave the orders for her family to be brought to Argentina: Jorge, Roberto and Charlie Barkin where her extremely distrustful nature also comes in and she harshly attacks Jorge which leads to her spending half her time in Argentina about a week of her time in Argentina in solitary confinement. When she comes out though Charmer reconciles with the Fox Junta and their allies and stays in Argentina until her family return to Animalia with the Fox Junta's allies: the National Protection Process and the Animalian Patriotic Front where she currently lives with Ranger.