Anna is a Polish vixen involved with the Fox Junta. She is the wife of Wojciech, leader of the Junta's Polish faction.


Unlike the other vixens who are red or blue furred Anna has white fur with a red underbelly and blue eyes. Her colour earns her the nickname of "Lis polarny" meaning "The Arctic Fox". In her first appearence like the other character Anna is a normal vixen but in her later appearence in the Animalia trilogy she wears a white blouse/polo shirt, a black knee length skirt and black tights but like the majority of the members of the Fox Junta Anna goes with bare feet.


Anna is a very strong character and also a very strong singer as shown when she sings during the concert at the Teatro del Libertador del Saint Martin. Her husband also often compares her to Asma because she has the same amount of feelings towards Wojciech as Asma does to Hafez often calling Wojciech "Only one fox who can lead a Polish faction.", as well as this she often considers her husband a saviour just as Galina does to Branislaw but despite this she can often come off as being very arrogant often calling her enemies namely Siad "morons" and like Tatjana is one who never backs from a fight.

She also not only believes that she and Wojciech bring up their daughter Monica well but they also believe they brought her up properly because Monica is almost as militaristic as she is, Monica also shows respect to the A.M.S and no respect to her enemies. Another title that Anna gives Wojciech is a fox of the Polish and the animals. This image of Wojciech is true but he does much to promote it to Other animals regardless of nationality except the Junta collaborators. Despite her arrogant personality though Anna is relatively good with young Junta children but is better with them than the babies and she does love her husband and daughter.