The flag of Animalia.

Animalia is a fictionalized country in the Anthro Universe. It is bordered by France (Sheytho) to the west and Belgium, the Netherlands, and Germany (Kotroiburg) to the East.


Animalia was once part of West Germany from 1961 to the fall of the Berlin Wall when it gained it's independence. For 35 years it was ruled by Mufasa until his overthrow in a coup d'etat which brought a rogue Junta to power and it was ruled as a dictatorship for six years until Mechanikat's overthrow in the second Animalian coup d'etat.


Affter the overthrow of Mufasa Mechanikat had thousands of members of the previous government arrested and exiled. Four of them were later assassinated in exile. For a while Mechanikat purged Animalia of political enemies saving Brainy for last. He found Krypto sheltering Brainy and had him arrested and deported to Argentina.

After Krypto's exile Mechanikat had Brainy arrested, stripped her of her party membership and exiled her to Bolivia. During her time in exile she was the vicitm of three assassination attempts all of which she survived. Meanwhile in Animalia Mechanikat also had thousands of supporters of the old regime killed, tortured, exiled, deported, disappeared and sent to concentration camps. He ruled over Animalia until his deposal in the Second Animalian coup d'etat.

Restoration of democracy:

As a result of what had happened under Mechnanikat the new leader Hunter had thousands of supporters of the regime and suspected supporters of the Junta arrested and tried at the Anthro Junta Trials. However as a result of Mechanikat's orders very few actualy supporters of the Junta and members of the Junta were tried. Today Hunter rules over Animalia the same way Mufasa did.

Culture and animal rights

In stark contrast to Tyrannia, Animalia is regarded as one of the most diverse countries in the Anthro world including all sorts of nationalities from German to Bhutanese and all sorts of religions from Islam to Buddhism. Animal rights are generally respected in Animalia but there is some prejudice among other groups of animals and are respected in a much greater light than they were under Mechanikat.


National language: English

Demonym: Animalian

Government: Presidential, Unitary party state republic

President: Hunter

Prime Minister: Charles "Charlie" Barkin

Anthem: He who is a man has no fear, The Glory of Civilization as a Scarf (Mechanikat-era)